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Who Stole The Cookies?...
Last night all the characters had slipped out of their books to play in the library. When Mrs Bookworm, the librarian, un-locked the fundraising cookie cupboard this morning she was shocked. The cupboard was empty. 8 (all girls) or 18 characters (13f5m) (standard format) or 8 to 16 guests (play format) or 17 to 30 or 60 (meet and mingle). For 10 years to teenagers. Learn more about this mystery.
Mystery in the Library...
The characters come out of their books at night to frolic. His Majesty King Henry VIII – that famous monarch from the English history books – made himself unpopular in the library and has now disappeared. Who rid the library of Henry? Lots of versions available for adults and teenagers 12 years and older. Also a special school version with teacher's notes. Learn more about this mystery.

Death On The Mound...
It is 1944. "The Boston Odd Sox" – a team comprised of baseball players who couldn't do their military service for various (mainly physical) reasons were playing "The Chicago Cheeky Chicks" – the worst team in the League. There was a scam happening. Petticoat Peterson has been found dead on the pitcher's mound. So now let's relive this moment in history and find out who really did it.17 to 50 guests (meet and mingle). However, it can be used for up to 88 guests. Learn more about this murder mystery.
heart The Case Of The Missing Matchmaker...
The mystery with a romantic outcome for everyone: Darlene Hickle, a matchmaker; has created lots of unhappy matches. Why? Because her computer database crashed and she randomly matched couples with disastrous results. Now she has mysteriously disappeared. 8 to 50 guests. The meet and mingle versions include a matching game. Use it as a "mystery" or "murder mystery". Perfect for Valentine's Day. Not suitable for young teens. Learn more about the mystery or murder mystery.

Christian cross The Search For The Truth...
A large group is attending a Christian camp. As the weekend progresses they find that they are not only on a search for their own personal truth, but also the truth in relation to a crime they didn't think could ever happen – the poisoning of camp leader, Peter Stein. This kit can also be enjoyed by non-Christians. New – optional "mystery not murder" version. 13 to 30 guests. Learn more about this mystery.

The Balmy Bahamas Cruise...
A few of the famous have come along to share the lobster. But Karl Virgil, has been found overboard as full of water as he was of his own self-importance. Although we have more comedians on-board than we do detectives, this is no laughing matter. We have to find out who did it. 8 to 17 guests. Learn more about this murder mystery.

The Love Letter...
It is 1807. Lady Mazzing has invited 8 young ladies to her mansion for high tea. Her one & only son Lord Edward Mazzing greets the guests. During the party, the young Lord dies with a love letter in his hand. The mystery is to find out which young lady killed him and for whom the love letter was intended. 8, 9, 10, 11 or 8 to 16 girls (plus 1 optional male role). Learn more about this murder mystery.

The Luck Of The Irish...
The King of the Leprechauns Roy Gilroy has had his pot of gold stolen. Who was the devious thief? Was it one of the little people or one of the local Irish lads or lasses? Or was it his rival Laoghaire – the High King? New – optional "murder" version. 17 to 30 or 17 to 50 characters, but can be used for up to 90. Perfect for St Patrick's Day parties or just for a bit of Irish fun! Learn more about this mystery.
One Of The Girls...(good clean fun version)
It's a Girls High Class reunion. There's a mega-bombshell, a bikie chick, a shark-swimming adventuress & many more. Which of them murdered their old schoolmate? 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 to 16 girls or 17 to 30 girls. Learn more about this murder mystery.
Storm Survivors...
A number of athletes are relaxing on a tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef after a competition. A cyclone's come and someone has been found murdered. So now everyone is marooned together on the island with a murderer who may strike again. Sounds like fun, doesn't it! 17 to 50 (meet and mingle). Learn more about this murder mystery.

Celebrity Celebrations...
It's 1961 and the world's richest man – Jerry Oilman – has invited anybody who is anybody to his birthday party – the biggest party of all time. Jerry is known for his collection of stuffed bats. These creatures hang from the walls and ceiling of his house spooking everyone who enters. Marilyn Monroe is here looking for the perfect man. But when you get this many big names together you know there's sure to be conflict. What you don't know, is that something sinister and frightening is about to take place. 8 to 100 guests (meet and mingle). Meet and mingle versions include a trivia mixing game. Perfect for Halloween or anytime. Learn more about this murder mystery.

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Who Killed Santa?...
The portly gent who dresses in red won’t be going down any chimneys this year. He is dead – possibly murdered – yes it’s scandalous but true. It happened at an office Xmas party. Was it revenge for an unwanted present? 8 to 100 guests. Learn more about this murder mystery.


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What they've said

"Mystery in the Library - Fairytale Version" was written for a school group of students in Joplin, Missouri, USA. They called it "Merry Mystery Theater". They used the version for 17. The organizer - a parent and former school teacher - sent the following feedback:

"It was not until we were in high gear with it that I came to realize how dynamic it was. It integrated several more essential skills than I was aware of (reading, analytical thinking, acting, imagination, pattern recognition, team work, to name a few). I feel that drama has a definite place in curriculum design, since it calls on both the left and right brain."

At another school in the US, Terri Lawler, a teacher who helped organise a similar event for 30 children, wrote:

"Stephanie - the dinner was a fabulous success!! We did one act per hour. The parents decorated four rooms (forest, castle, spooky, library) and you would not believe how they looked! The kids were stunned because it didn't even look like classrooms. The kids were allowed to come late to school dressed and in character. We were on the tv news! We served an appetizer the first hour, salad, the second hour, entree the third hour, and dessert the fourth. The parents were waitresses and waitors and the kids were served sitting down. We had a bell to ring when Sherlock was getting ready to ask a question. Thank you for all your help. It was awesome!."

A set of 4 versions of "Mystery In The Library" with different endings are available for school activities.

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