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Gender reveal ideas and the environment

Rather than just hold a gender reveal party that involves colored balloons, flares, confetti and so on which can present sometimes present safety and environmental damage concerns, why not hold a party which provides a platform for love and inspiration? Why not challenge and involve your guests rather than just have them be passive witnesses?

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Why Are Gender Reveal Parties So Important?

It’s Good To Share Happiness

Announce to family and friends that you are now expecting a baby and/or reveal the gender of the baby.

It’s Celebrate The Gender

If you have decided to find out the gender, celebrate it and allow people to prepare for the baby shower. Or just have a baby announcement party.


The powerful positive attention / prayers of friends and family will help the soul you have growing within you.

The best games to play at a gender reveal party

Have everyone dress as an animal

Explain which qualities of this animal you hope the child is imbued with and why. You can just have people adlib this or you can use the game we have developed.

Have everyone dress as a famous person

Have them explain which qualities of this person you hope the child is blessed with. You can just have people adlib this or you can use the game we have developed.

Have everyone dress as a book character

Have them explain why they hope the child is imbued with the qualities of this book character. You can just have people adlib this or you can use the one of the games we have developed – “Mystery In The Library” or “Who Stole The Cookies?”


Free gender reveal party ideas:

Pass the parcel

Wrap up something that’s pink or blue (as appropriate to the baby’s gender) in many layers of paper. Play some great music. Do pass the parcel with it.

Describe how the baby will be as an adult

Have everyone write down their first thing that comes into their mind on a card and pass it around. Tell everyone to make the comments witty and nice (e.g. bright eyes, figure to die for, seductive smile, charming, deep voice etc). When everyone has written something, have someone read them all out to the group.

What attributes will the baby have when they grow up?

Divide your guests into groups of about ten or less. Give each group a list of these attributes and see which adults in the group have these attributes. The first group to complete the list wins and the attributes they find are those the baby will probably end up having. The attributes are:
  • speaks more than one language
  • has more than two children
  • eats leftovers for lunch
  • wore pajamas to bed last night
  • hates broccoli
  • doesn’t eat their crusts
  • drinks warm milk before bed
  • hates Chinese food
  • wears toe shoes
  • hates using the photocopier
  • can’t add up without a calculator
  • has more than one cat
  • has been married more than once
  • loves snow
  • hates snow
  • walks around barefoot
  • reads comics
  • drinks herbal teas.

Mad hatters party

Have a large number of different kinds hats that can be worn by males and females.

Have each person select the hat they imagine the baby will wear when they are an adult.

Then have them take turns speaking and acting as they imagine the baby will behave as an adult when they wear that hat. They can even give themselves a name to suit the hat. Of course, no one at this stage of the party will know the gender of the baby. But that just adds to the fun.

Write life poems

Have enough cards so there are two for each person at the gender reveal party.

Write empowering words like power, success, kind, generous, abundant, giving, loving, flexible, etc. on half of the cards, and very ordinary words like frying-pan, stapler, coffee filter, window, sink, floor wax, baseball, toilet paper on the other half of the cards.

Each person has to pick one card from each pile and make up a silly poem using both words and read it out aloud. The poems should be about how they hope the baby’s life will turn out.

Lucky limerick competition

Give each person paper and a pen and ask them to write a limerick about the luck the baby will encounter throughout its life.

You may want to give them some ideas for topics like elephants, horseshoes, four leaf clover, dragons, shooting stars etc. Go to the library or search online for some examples of limericks to help them see the format.


At Merri Mysteries, our mission is about making your special celebration a memorable occasion filled with laughter and fun for everyone. Buy our gender reveal party kit today and make this special moment a one to remember. 

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