Mystery Party Kits With Large Versions For Up To 100 Guests

All the “murder mystery” and “mystery not murder” kits that have versions for up to 100 guests.

Our best “murder mystery game for large group” (and also mysteries that are not murders) of up to 100+ guests are:

Library murder mystery game for large group

Some comments about our murder mystery games for large groups:

Note: Some of these comments about a murder mystery game for large group are actually for a kit that isn’t a murder like “Mystery In The Library”.

Celebrity Celebrations: Theresa Burkman “My husband and I hosted this party to celebrate my 40th birthday. We invited 90 people and 84 of them came. Everyone says it was the party of the year. Everything came together as planned and the costumes were outstanding.”

Mystery In The Library: Laura Fox “I purchased the script for 50 for our teacher appreciation dinner. We held the event on Friday night and I cannot tell you what a huge success it turned out to be. We laughed for 4 hours straight. What a wonderful evening we had. The classified staff dressed as English maids and butlers in black and white and we served grilled steak or chicken, serving approximately 110 people. It was a night to remember and I am hearing the same sentiments from the entire staff. They are wanting a repeat for next year! Whew! It was a tremendous amount of work but it all paid off. Thank you for helping to make this evening so very special!”

Who Killed Santa? Donna Pelletier “I just had my Christmas party for 45 people and your Mystery was a huge hit!!! Each year I do a theme party and this one was the best yet. Everyone had a great time and could not wait to find out “Who done it”….Your online support was the best, and I appreciate you helping in every way that you did. You’ve made this year Christmas Party one that everyone will remember for years to come. THANK YOU!!!!!!”S

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