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You get to dress up!

You get to accuse your friends and family!


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Our Best Products For Kids & Adults (No Deaths)

* denotes that a murder mystery version is also available for some formats of this kit.

Popular Murder Games

* denotes that a mystery rather than murder version is also available for some formats of this kit.

More Details:

  • The mystery party kits are easy to download and print out. Then you can simply email everyone you want to invite to the party.
  • Our mystery party kits are written so that everyone gets a character and dress suggestions. They are straight-forward and anyone from nine years upwards can participate fully. There aren't any things you can't reveal, so it is clear what you can talk about.
  • You simply read out your clues. Sometimes this may mean asking a suspect a question or accusing someone. Everything you need to say will be on your page. Our mysteries are challenging to solve, yet not impossible.
  • You can say the clue as it is written or you can say it in your own words as long as you don't change the meaning.
  • Adding an accent or hamming it up can also add to the fun. It's your chance to be a little silly for a change and to fully become the character you are playing.
  • It's you time to shine and become the star rather than just watching them on the small and large screens.
  • And just remember that Elvis isn't the only one that gets to move his (or her) hips or to skip or walk the light fandango!
  • You can do and be so much more once you have donned a costume. The possibilities are endless.
  • People probably won't recognize the new you - but that's just part of the whole experience.
  • It may be the most memorable party of your life or the start of a whole new life once your talents are discovered. Who knows?
  • Roll out the red carpet and set up the spotlights.
  • Are you ready to put down your phone, connect with other people, share the fun and laughter and step up to meet this challenge?

What They've Said About Us

Mysteries (Not Murders)

The Search For The Truth: Pastor Bob, USA “We ran it last week with our youth group. We had 35 youth participate (we had to double up on a couple of parts) and everyone had a great time. The accusations still continue even after they know the solution. Thanks.”

Mystery In The Library: Tina Wong “We had a fantastic time with our 8th grade middleschoolers. It was a bonding and team building time and this wonderful game brought incredible memories and fantastic anticipation for more of these mystery games to come. Thank you for an unforgettable evening!!!"

Prom Pandemonium: Bonnie Kassen “We had a blast on Saturday night!”

Who Stole The Cookies? Rosemary Muscolo "...event for our Girl Scouts in grades 6-12..The Girls and their moms had terrific costumes and we all had a great time!"

The Case Of The Missing Matchmaker: Jayna Rone Yes! Everyone (even the naysayers) had a terrific time and we want to do it again in February. Thank you for supplying such good & safe fun!!

The Hunt: Lyndsay "8 Girls, 11yrs to 15yrs had lots of fun solving the various clues and then hunting for the various ‘treasure’ items. They were actively engaged for almost 2hrs! Thank you for a well planned mystery party 🙂 "

The Luck Of The Irish: Jonathan D. Hathaway “We had 25 people reserved and over 50 came and I am still hearing how much fun everyone had. Thanks to you and your easy party kits ours was a success."

Poetic Justice: Barbara Gearhart "absolutely WONDERFUL!!…. credit must go to the plot and our guests who all participated with enthusiasm"

Out Of The Game: Audrey Schroeder"The night went well – we adapted it to a large group – #170 people!"

The Superhero Mystery: Annette Moon We laughed and laughed as family members really got into their characters and questioned each other. It was fun to listen to them debate who really was the super hero. Thanks for producing such fun entertainment."

The Crazy Clown Car Caper: Janet Umlauf All the kids said this was the best one ever!! Such a fun evening. Thanks for providing your great scripts!!"

Mardi Gras Mayhem: Janette Mulka The party went very well thank you! All was good. The younger ones (8yr) were really getting into it and taking notes even. Parents and kids were working together and it was fun to dress up and act out."

Murder Mysteries

Storm Survivors: Amber Creed “I just wanted to say that your Storm Survivors was the best party I’ve had so far in my 16 years of life. My guests came dressed up to the extreme, which made the voting on best costume quite difficult. Everyone had a blast..Thanks for making an awesome birthday party game."

Murder On The Prairie: Gail Miloch “A group at our church gets together annually for a get-away and this year we decided to try Merri Mysteries “Murder on the Prairie”. We all had so much fun; even adults enjoy the chance to dress up in costumes and role-play once in a while. We appreciated that we didn’t have to worry about questionable or risqué roles or scripts. ...I especially like that you have lots of roles – even those who are not suspects had some direction on how to dress up. Thanks for offering this service."

The Balmy Bahamas Cruise: Shelly Egerer “Thank you so much! The staff...had a BLAST!"

Celebrity Celebrations: Theresa Burkman “My husband and I hosted this party to celebrate my 40th birthday. We invited 90 people and 84 of them came. Everyone says it was the party of the year. Everything came together as planned and the costumes were outstanding."

The Love Letter: Michele Yosten “I purchased your mystery kit “The Love Letter” for my daughters 13th birthday party... A fabulous time was had by all. Thank you for such a great party idea."

Murder Of The Great Chef: Suzanne Dell “We had our “Murder of the Great Chef” party for 8 people this past weekend, and it was a GREAT SUCCESS!... really great evening and fun was had by all who attended – we’re looking forward to planning our next Murder already! Thank you for a great evening!"

Who Killed Santa? Aeran Schmid, Canada "It was SO MUCH FUN!! We had quite the dramatic group of people. Everything went smoothly and I thank you for making the preparing process very easy to follow...we enjoyed our Christmas party."

One Of The Girls: Kim Muoio "There were 21 women who all had a blast at the mystery party. The costumes and acting really made the party! Some of the ladies were having so much fun that they forgot to try to figure out who was the murderer!...Thanks again for a great time."

Fame, Money and Murder: Kari Jones, Norway "We played the game on New Year’s and had a great time. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks! We had a great time!"

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Bullet Easy to download, print and put together
Bullet Straight-forward to use
Bullet Versions for 8 to 100+ players
Bullet Only $14.95 to $59.95
Bullet You (as host) can fully participate
Bullet We've been around for 24 years
Bullet We've held numerous mystery test parties
Bullet We've helped over 40,000 hosts.

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