The Hunt – Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Game

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The Hunt – Adults and Kids Scavenger Hunt Mystery Game

A great scavenger hunt for kids, teen or adults! Perfect if you are looking for funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults.

A letter has been found describing where someone had hidden their vast fortune including cash, gold bars, an artwork, a building title deed, a precious jewel, an old violin, and a valuable coin. Your job is to un-riddle the clues and to find the treasures. This is the ultimate scavenger hunt / treasure hunt!

There is both a mystery to solve and also scavenger hunt kids puzzles.

A kids puzzle is a great way to challenge the mind and also to learn new ideas and concepts. Plus they are a fun thing to do with friends and family. Even adults will find it a little tricky at times to solve the mystery.

It is designed as an indoor scavenger hunt / treasure hunt but you have to solve a puzzle before you receive the clue allowing you to look for the hidden item. This helps prevent the whole house being turned upside down in the search for hidden treasures.

This game also has characters that you can dress up as for extra fun and excitement. They have unisex names so they can be played by males or females.

This kit can be used by all females or all males or mixed gender groups as all character names are unisex.

Versions and samples:

Overview of The Hunt mystery

Welcome to “The Hunt”!

A worker in the laundry that washes the linen from a nursing home found a letter amongst the dirty sheets. The letter described where the person had hidden each part of their vast fortune.

The fortune included cash, gold bars, a famous original artwork, the title deeds to a building, a precious jewel, a very old violin, and a very valuable coin.

Some investigations have been made at the nursing home and, from the handwriting it appears that the letter was left in the sheets of the recently deceased Sasha Thomas.

We are now in the home of Sasha Thomas. Your job is to un-riddle the clues and to find the treasures. This is the ultimate scavenger hunt.


“Sasha once spent two days and nights searching his home for a 32 cent stamp he misplaced.”

Reading level

Reading level: 7
Note: The reading levels of each kit (not just “page” as it says below) were determined by copying and pasting the kit (the meet and mingle for 17 to 30), into The Readability Test Tool (see

The Hunt reading levels picture

Additional information

Number Of Guests:

6 to 30 guests (characters can be played by males or females), 6 to 18 guests (characters can be played by males or females)

What They've Said


Margot Walshe, UK

“Hi Stephanie

We had our party yesterday and it was fantastic. The kids couldn’t quite work out what to expect but afterwards both my 13 year old son and my 11 year old daughter (birthday girl) said it was brilliant, the best party ever! So a great success. We anticipated that our guests might not be so great at getting in character, which was why we went for the scavenger hunt, but boy did they enjoy working out the clues and racing round the house trying to find the treasures. I had found a £1 million note on the internet and a novelty gold bar which made great props and brilliant prizes. I printed off the picture and put it in a proper frame, printed off the coin and glued it to a giant chocolate coin. I hid a small pink stone – there was a frenzy when they all tried to get to that first!

The timings worked perfectly and miraculously by the end of the party everyone had won a prize. The choice of hiding places worked really well as there were several options for most of them which helped split the kids round the house.

We split them into teams of three for working out the clues and this worked really well.

I printed off the title deeds with a border and aged the paper with an old tea bag before rolling it and fixing with a ribbon. That also became a popular prize! I am attaching a copy of both in case you might find them useful.

Well Stephanie, thank once again and best of luck with MerriMysteries.

Kind regards


J. S., School Librarian, USA

“I got “the Hunt” and performed it with 3,4,and 5th graders as part of a club program we do on early dismissal days. They loved it and it really uses problem solving and thinking skills and it’s fun! what more could you ask? thank you. It’s actally the second I’ve used, I like them so much.”

Lisa S., USA

“MerriMysteries is the perfect combination of entertainment and social ice-breaker. The game itself is intellectually stimulating and sometimes very funny–but it’s also a great way to comfortably engage with other people. You’ll love getting caught up in the mystery while you get caught up socially!”


“8 Girls, 11yrs to 15yrs had lots of fun solving the various clues and then hunting for the various ‘treasure’ items. They were actively engaged for almost 2hrs! Thank you for a well planned mystery party🙂


A sample of the optional people present:


Art Hoffer

I am Sasha’s lawyer. My parents were penny pinchers growing up, because they watched their parents struggle during the Great Depression. Therefore, I developed a fascination with both wealth and poverty. As a lawyer, I am quite well off, and I like to make sure others know it. Rich clients such as Sasha are the mainstay of my business.

Corrie McDougal

I am a gem expert. I am from Scotland and thus have a thick accent. I earned a B.Sc. in geology with a minor in fine arts from Edinburgh University and a Graduate Gemologist Diploma from Idar-Oberstein in Germany. I am a member of many jewelry, geology and historical societies. I especially like stones that have been formed in exquisite shapes.

Drew Cohen

I am a building expert. As a young child, I loved building with Lincoln logs. This love never subsided. After becoming an architect; I went to law school, becoming a consultant on building construction and defects. I have also studied history extensively. I am especially interested in period architecture. I have a terrible time stopping myself from noticing the building faults, even when I am out walking.

Marty Bloom

I am an art expert. I am an art appraiser, advisor, and writer. I also personally resell the valuable art I collect. I have written columns for magazines over the years regarding the collection of art. I have also acted as a consultant for art museums around the U.S. However, my knowledge of art covers up the fact that I wish someone would pay me something for the art I create in my spare time to show they appreciate it.

Mel Gerber

I am a violin expert. I am from the New England area of the United States. As a teenager, I apprenticed with a Italian neighbor who taught me the craft of violin making. I later went to college to study music and history, eventually becoming a consultant to musical instrument designers. I have given lectures on violins extensively throughout the world. The highlight of my career was serving as a craftsmanship judge for the Violin Society of America competitions.

Avery Smidt

I am a coin expert. I am from Berlin in Germany and have been fascinated by coins ever since I was a child and used to collect them from neighbors. I eventually went on to study math and to subsequently learn the science of numismatics (the study of money). Today I have my own coin valuation firm and keep an updated website regarding coin collection around the globe. I attempt to keep my skills in coin grading by using the strike (imprinting) method as well as by examining a coin’s surface.


Tate Gurney

I am the Head Nurse at Winterflood Elderly Care Home. I’m truly concerned about all my residents. I try to encourage them to be more health conscious and to take food supplements and vitamins. I am here today to make sure that the other employees – the ones that are greedy and dishonest – don’t try to take over this search.

Casey Sweeper

I am the janitor at the Winterflood Elderly Care Home.  When I was younger, I wanted to be a stand-up comedian, but unfortunately I could never remember the punch lines. I’m not very happy cleaning up after everyone at the nursing home but…hey – it’s a job and … tomorrow is another day in which to go “knock knock”.

Kendra Drier

I work in the laundry at the Winterflood Elderly Care Home. This joint may have “Happy Days” as its motto, but it doesn’t make me very happy. The pay isn’t great and I have the hardest job at the nursing home. I deserve any little “extras” that come my way. You should all be patting me on the back – I was the one who found Sasha’s letter.

Sidney Nurd

I am Sasha’s former student and star pupil, if I do say so myself. My IQ is off the page. But some say that my social skills are lacking and being a researcher can be pretty lonely. If I had some of Sasha’s wealth, then maybe more people would want to be my friend.

2 reviews for The Hunt – Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Game

  1. Lyndsay (verified owner)

    8 Girls, 11yrs to 15yrs had lots of fun solving the various clues and then hunting for the various ‘treasure’ items. They were actively engaged for almost 2hrs! Thank you for a well planned mystery party🙂

  2. Bronwyn Romain (verified owner)

    This was absolutely hilarious and fun.

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Breanna P.
Breanna P.
Verified ownerVerified owner

This package was a ton of fun with a small group of middle school girls. It was just challenging enough that not everyone was able to guess who did it. The girls talk about it all the time and cannot wait to participate in another!

5 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

We had fun when it came time to finally play. My one recommendation would be to make the players a bit more flexible for the smaller groups too. I had a couple of people that were fluctuating in and out of the count (between 11 - 13 players). I ended up having to print off 3 different versions before it was done because each change in count changed the dynamic of the character interactions and story line. The larger group had a few optional characters to make that easier and something like that would’ve been great for the 10+ group for late adds, etc.

5 months ago

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