Girls Mystery Party Games

Girls Mystery & Bachelorette Party Themes (murder mysteries or just mysteries) for an all girl party or a hen’s night!

We have a number of girls mystery party games to choose from. Some like “One Of The Girls“, “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise“, “The Love Letter” (see photo no. 1 below) and “The Chick Flick Murder” are murder mysteries and others like “Mystery In The Library“, “Who Stole The Cookies“, “The Hunt” and “Party Escape” are mysteries with no murder. Some of the kits for 8 to 16 girls or 17 to 30 girls. Our largest is “Who Stole The Cookies?” can be expanded to 54 females (and 2 males).

There are murder mysteries with a period theme and those with modern themes.

  • Love Letter girls party
  • Bachelorette party photo from One Of The Girls
  • Girls party - Who Stole The Cookies
  • Girls with the victim at Balmy Bahamas Cruise party
  • Love Letter

Feedback on our bachelorette party themes

Donna Pombrio, USA

Donna sent in this feedback:

“Hi Stephanie,

We played our first murder mystery, The Love Letter for our daughter’s 15th birthday party and had an amazing time! Everyone had great fun shopping at goodwill, etc for their costumes. Even our dog, Gizmo, wore a tuxedo. We followed your recommended menu, brought out the china and teapots and had a grand victorian time! Our son impressed the ladies as Lord Mazzing. Our daughter felt very special and she loved that her friends had such a unique experience! (We loved that it was clean fun too!) After dinner her friends stayed the night and watched Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and other movies until 5:30am!

We were a little apprehensive about putting on a murder mystery party because we had never done one before. But it was so well written, organized and fun that our fears are gone! We just purchased another one for our oldest daughter’s 17th birthday party next month!

Thank you for creating this wonderful party tool!


Donna Pombrio”

Mia Marr, USA

Mia sent in this feedback about her Who Stole The Cookies? party (see photo no. 3 above):

“We had a lot of fun. We had 8 girls, I (Mia) was Sherlock Holmes, and a mom played Mrs. Bookworm. I wanted to have a food that represented each character so in one of the pictures we were toasting (sparkling cider) as if we were at Cinderella’s Ball. In another photo you’ll see our ‘cookies’ and petit fours (Alice in Wonderland) that some said “Eat Me” and a sliced poison apple (Snow White). The girls were laughing and had a great time. For prizes I wrapped giant candy bars and each one would say: Presented to Best… (actress, dressed, Who guessed it, etc). I also made a CD of music from the different character’s that we played between Act’s when they were snacking.

This was also enjoyable because the girls had never done this before so they really got into it.


Mia and Claire Marr

Feedback from hen’s night parties and bachelorette parties

Kim Muoio, USA

Kim sent in this feedback about her One Of The Girls party (see photo no. 2 above):

“My name is Kim Muoio. I purchased the “One of the Girls” party kit for my neighborhood girl’s night that I hosted on January 19th. There were 21 women who all had a blast at the mystery party. The costumes and acting really made the party! Some of the ladies were having so much fun that they forgot to try to figure out who was the murderer! Thank you for the very entertaining evening! The pictures that I have attached are Angie Mary & Madelle [shown above] and Petunia.

Thanks again for a great time,

Kim Muoio”

See feedback on The Balmy Bahamas Cruise” all girl parties (see photo no. 4 above).