Murder Mystery Party Games

“Period” murder mystery game kits:

“Modern” murder mystery party kits:

Murder mystery party kits are lots of fun!

We have a number of murder mystery party games to choose from. There are kits for 8 to 16 guests, 17 to 30 guests, 17 to 50 guests and 17 to 100 guests.

There are murder mysteries with a period theme and some with modern themes.

  • Murder victims body outline
  • The murder party girls
  • murder party victim
  • Victim photo at murder party
  • Murder Of The Great Chef victim

Feedback on a murder mystery game kit

Beverly Michaels, USA

Beverly sent in this feedback on the murder mystery kit:

“I purchased your Who Killed Santa? kit for our annual holiday function at work. Every year it is very challenging to try to come up with a group/team-building activity so that all may attend and enjoy themselves at the same time. This was perfect! Our environment is not typical in that we’re composed of mostly scientists (which tend to be introverts) so it was great to see many folks come out of their shells and really get into their character. This was such a success that I’m not sure how I am going to top the next holiday function!

I’ve attached pictures of folks dressed in their characters. There were way too many to attach but I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks. We hope you come up with more ideas for future events!

Thanks again,

Beverly R. Michaels

Suzanne Dell, USA

“We had our Murder of the Great Chef party for 8 people this past weekend, and it was a GREAT SUCCESS!

I decided to add a little bit of a twist and suggested that we all ‘cross dressed’. So for most of the roles we had women playing the male characters and vice versa. It certainly added to the fun and the over-acting that went with it was just great!

George’s ‘beard’ was actually coffee granules!! Paula won the “best costume” prize. I think ‘her’ fabulous over-acting throughout the evening helped!

We played a Big Band Glenn Miller CD, and this music just fitted the era perfectly. I supplied each guest with a small notepad and pencil to make notes. After a lot of laughs and detective work someone correctly guessed who the murderer was.

Once again, it was a really great evening and fun was had by all who attended – we’re looking forward to planning our next Murder already! Thank you for a great evening!

Suzanne Dell”

Amber Creed

“I just wanted to say that your Storm Survivors was the best party I’ve had so far in my 16 years of life. My guests came dressed up to the extreme, which made the voting on best costume quite difficult. Everyone had a blast, and when our first guest “died”, people reacted so oddly. It was great. When XXX came onto the scene, the girl who played her was perfect for the part. Even though no one guessed who did it in the end correctly, though one guy thought it was the certain person, but didn’t guess correctly of the murderer, it was still awesome. Thanks for making an awesome birthday party game.