Murder Mystery Party Kits

Join the fun today with murder mystery party kits!

Looking for an exciting way to entertain your family, friends or colleagues? Turn your dinner party into a murder mystery game party! We’ve got a wide collection of murder mystery party kits to help you create a fun and memorable event. Let your guests play any of our ‘Who Did It’ murder mystery games, and everyone will have fun playing detective (or suspect) all night!

Each murder mystery party kit offers good, clean fun. So don’t worry about playing it with your teenage cousins or boss from the office. Another good thing about our murder mystery games is that they’re definitely challenging but solvable! No one would feel frustrated trying to work out who did it. No one would be bored either, as the game isn’t dragging—it’s designed to keep everyone on their toes for good reasons. 

Ready to host your own murder mystery party? We have a number of murder mystery party games to choose from; we have games for every taste, personality, interest and number of participants. There are kits for 8 to 16 guests, 17 to 30 players, 17 to 50 guests and 17 to 100 participants. Plus, there are murder mysteries with a period theme and some with modern themes. Get your murder mystery party kit today!

  • Murder victims body outline
  • The murder party girls
  • murder party victim
  • Victim photo at murder party
  • Murder Of The Great Chef victim

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