This Privacy and Security Statement contains important information about your personal information. You will be informed about:

Customer Privacy Policy

“Merri Mysteries Inc.” is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and understands your concerns regarding the confidentiality and security of personal information you provide to us. We are an Australian company and we abide by the legal requirements in Australia.

This Customer Privacy Policy sets out how we safeguard your privacy.

We are bound by and comply with the following privacy principles.

Collection of personal information

We collect personal information that includes details such as name, address, contact details (such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses).

“Dreamhost” (our secure site hosts) and “Stripe” (our credit card merchant service providers) and our customer service staff also collect this information on our behalf.

Use and disclosure of personal information

We use your personal information in order to provide you with our mystery dinner party kits and services. To do that, we may disclose your personal information to organizations that carry out functions on our behalf, such as mailing houses, cheque and electronic transaction processors and information technology service providers.

Our other uses of your personal information may include our regular and necessary business functions such as internal audit investigations, performance reporting, research, product development and planning.

“Merri Mysteries” and the “Dreamhost” and “Stripe” do not sell your personal information to outside companies. We do, however, send all our customers a newsletter occasionally via email. Customers are asked if they wish to receive the newsletter when they order. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Access and correction

You will be able to gain access to personal information about you held by our company. We will take reasonable steps to amend or correct your personal information to keep it accurate and up-to-date. We will fulfill requests relating to access and correction of your personal information.

Storage and security of your personal information

“Merri Mysteries Inc.” and “Dreamhost” and “PayPal” will take reasonable steps to keep personal information about you that it holds and uses secure, accurate and up-to-date. Our employees and authorized agents are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by us.

Our website

When you click to pay on the order form on our website, your details are securely transferred to the payment gateway PayPal and you complete payment via their website. We do not get to see your credit card details. These are sent directly to the bank.

Privacy concerns or complaints

If you have concerns or wish to make a complaint regarding the treatment of your personal information by “Merri Mysteries” and “Dreamhost” and “Stripe”, please send us an email via our Contact Us form.

We will try to answer any questions you may have, correct any error on our part or resolve any complaint that you may have about our information handling practices. If we do not resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, you also have the right to complain to a government regulator in the US. We will provide you with the contact details if required.