Looking for unique party themes for adults?

Whether you’re seeking costume party ideas, elegant dinner party themes, or flashback 80s party ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Fun party themes provide a great opportunity to break the ice, encourage creativity, and make your event unforgettable. At Merri Mysteries, we’re all about that! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of nine exciting party themes that will surely spark creativity and delight your guests at your next gathering. 

1. Cowboys and Cowgirls Party

Embrace the rugged charm of the Old West with a Cowboys and Cowgirls party!

  • Dress Code: Denim jeans, checkered shirts, and leather boots.
  • Decor: Transform your venue with hay bales, a mechanical bull, rustic lanterns, and horseshoes.
  • Food: Enjoy a hearty barbecue feast featuring smoked brisket, corn on the cob, and baked beans.
  • Activities: Engage guests with line dancing lessons and a best-dressed cowboy/cowgirl contest. You can also spice things up with a Wild West murder mystery game

2. Decades Throwback Party

This theme offers a nostalgic journey through the 20th century. 

  • Dress Code: Guests choose outfits from their favorite decade, from the 1920s to the 1990s.
  • Decor: Theme areas to reflect different decades with relevant memorabilia.
  • Music: A timeline of hits, playing everything from 1920s jazz to 1990s pop.
  • Activities: Host decade-themed trivia games and dance-offs, and if you want to make a party more interesting, host a 1960s Celebrity Celebrations Murder Mystery Game!

3. Baywatch Party

Perfect for a summer day, the Baywatch theme lets guests flaunt their best lifeguard look. 

  • Dress Code: Red lifeguard swimsuits, board shorts, and flip-flops for the ultimate beach look.
  • Music: Sunny beach tunes to set the vibe.
  • Activities: Volleyball nets or a pool area with floaties. If you’re looking for a good icebreaker game for your Baywatch party, consider a beach-inspired mystery party game like our kit called “Hawaiian Lunacy.”
  • Food & Drinks: Serve seafood, tropical fruits, and cool beverages like piña coladas.

4. Risky Business Party

Capture the carefree spirit of the ‘80s and be inspired by the iconic Tom Cruise film, Risky Business.

  • Dress Code: Oversized white shirts and classic Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  • Decor: Set up with neon lights and ‘80s film posters.
  • Music: Rock out to ‘80s pop hits, and challenge guests to dance-offs or lip-sync battles to tunes from the movie’s soundtrack.
  • Drinks: Mix cocktails like those that were all the rage during the decade.

5. Oktoberfest Party

Looking for more unique party themes for adults? Here’s one: Celebrate Bavarian culture with your own Oktoberfest. 

  • Dress Code: Traditional dirndls and lederhosen to celebrate Bavarian culture.
  • Decor: Hang blue and white streamers and pretzel garlands.
  • Food: German food like pretzels, sausages, and schnitzel.
  • Activities: Host beer-tasting contests and invite everyone to dance the polka.

unique party themes for adults

6. Rave Party

Turn your venue into an electric dance paradise with a Rave party theme. 

  • Decor: Set the scene with black lights, strobe lights, and neon.
  • Music: A mix of house, techno, and trance to keep the energy high.
  • Activities: Dance with glow sticks, enjoy a DJ booth, and relax in a designated chill-out zone.
  • Drinks: Create a special rave cocktail menu with colorful and fluorescent drinks.

7. You Are What You (Responsibly) Drink Party

If you’re looking for themed party ideas for your friends who love to drink, host a “You Are What You (Responsibly) Drink Party.” Let guests express themselves through their favorite beverages.

  • Dress Code: Come dressed as your favorite beverage.
  • Decor: Create different drink stations to represent various types of beverages.
  • Food & Drinks: Provide appetizers that complement the drinks.
  • Activities: Run a mixology contest to see who can invent the most creative drink.

8. Drop It Like F. Scott Party

Recreate the opulence of the Jazz Age with a Gatsby-themed soiree. 

  • Dress Code: Flapper dresses, sequins, silk gloves, and fedoras to evoke the Jazz Age.
  • Decor: Create a speakeasy vibe with dim lighting, jazz posters, and Prohibition-era cocktails.
  • Music: Live jazz or a playlist of 1920s hits, complete with a Charleston dance lesson.
  • Activities: A best-dressed contest and an era-themed photo booth for memorable snapshots are great activities. But you can push the envelope with a 1920s Great Gatsby-themed mystery party game.

9. Barbie Party

Think pink and celebrate everything Barbie with a stylish, fun-filled party.

  • Dress Code: Anything pink—from elegant gowns to chic casuals.
  • Decor: Overwhelmingly pink, from balloons to tablecloths.
  • Food & Drinks: Elegant finger foods and pink drinks to match the theme.
  • Activities: Organize a ‘Barbie’s Dream House’ and ‘Ken’s Corner’ for photos and fashion.

Ready to throw a memorable bash?

Pick your theme, send out those invites, and let the good times roll! If you want to elevate your event further, consider the intrigue of a murder mystery party and explore the comprehensive, customizable party kits from Merri Mysteries and our period games.

Ready to party? Let’s make it legendary!

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