Merri Mysteries

Do you want to make your party a whole lot more fun?


Our murder mystery dinner party games are ideal home or office entertainment. They provide drama, theater, and entertainment. There are over 25 do-it-yourself kits. Perfect for birthday parties, theme parties, special events and holiday celebrations. And they're great party ice breakers. They can also be a unique gift. These party games are fun for everyone!

How are our parties different from others on the market? We have written them so they are more straight-forward and easy to host, yet still challenging to solve. We have held numerous parties to test them. We also provide lots of versions so that you can use them for small or large parties (eg some are for up to 100 guests and each person has a defined role and costume suggestions).

Our larger meet and mingle kits can be used for theme parties, fund raisers, graduation and anniversary parties, beach, garden and block parties – even weddings and engagements. You could even customize your bridal wedding invitations to mention the mystery so that your guests will know what is in store for them at your unique wedding. Our mysteries can also be used as office team building activities and for other corporate and social club events.

There is also a special Christian party, and a kit about Baseball.

Our mystery dinner party games are perfect for:

All types of parties
Murder mystery parties
Mysteries that aren't murders
Small parties for 8 to 16 guests
Large parties for 17 to 100 guests
All girl parties
All boy parties
Teenagers parties
School activities
Holiday events
Valentines Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve parties.

How to host a merri mystery party

We provide host guides and all the instructions you need to easily host a murder party or host a mystery party.

Our mystery kits are designed so that you can use them at home or at a venue. We provide some decor suggestions. You may also like to add some specialized party fabric to further customize your table or room decorations.

Our kits are supplied as Adobe Acrobat files. Nothing is sent by mail. You receive your download instructions via email immediately and the host guide and clue files are also sent via email (generally within a few hours). Each mystery game kit includes a host's guide, party planning ideas, an invitation on which you can enter your party details before you print it, clue booklets for each main character and the "Who Did It?" pages.

We provide some prize suggestions or you may like to send your guests home with personalized gifts for an unforgettable party experience.

How do I purchase?

We supply our murder mystery dinner party kits via download and email.

Mini versions (for quick 20-30 minute celebrations) US$19.95
Standard and play versions US$29.95
Large standard versions US$39.95
Meet and mingle kits for up to 30 guests US$39.95
Meet and mingle kits for up to 50 guests US$49.95
Meet and mingle kits for up to 100 guests US$69.95

Note: We display our prices in US dollars, but on the second page of our order form (before you enter your credit card details), you can pull down the Choose Currency list and select your preferred currency (USD, Australian dollars or Pounds Sterling) and see exactly what you will be charged should you decide to go ahead.

Merri mystery parties are GREAT!

Here are a few reasons why...

You get to act up!
You get the challenge of solving a mystery!
No more boring parties!
You'll find a party suitable for everyone!
You get to dress up!
You get to accuse your friends and family!

To see what people have said about our parties, look at our newsletters which are full of feedback and photos from parties our clients have held.