Learn how to use mystery party games for 4th of July parties

4th Of July is a happy time – a time to celebrate US independence. Bright, happy music and lots of red, white and blue colors produces an instant fun atmosphere when guests arrive. If you are planning a Fourth Of July party, the following tips and party games will get you off to a good start. If you need to break the ice there are lots of games you can play. This is especially useful if there are people who don't know each other. There are some ice-breakers on this page, but for further ice-breakers, see Ice-breakers. Heavenly Frolicking Fun party kit for 8 to 16 guests is perfect for 4th of July parties (see details below).

Fourth Of July party decorations

Here are some ideas for 4th Of July party decorations that you may like to try:
  • The more red, white and blue streamers and ribbons and flags and pinwheels decorating the room, the more festive it will look and feel.
  • Carve “July” into one watermelon and “4th” into another one.
  • Make colorful paper chains and string them around the room.
  • Have bowls of colorful flowers on the table.
  • Decorate with star shapes.
  • Use bright table napkins and/or place mats.
  • Have bunches of red, white and blue balloons.
  • Make a piñata (a large Mexican hollow papier mache ball filled with candy and small toys) to use as a party game. See www. google.com for directions on how to make one.

Patriotic USA flag for fourth of July parties

Fourth Of July party music

Play some patriotic songs like “This Land is My Land” by Woody Guthrie, “Born in the U.S.A.” by Bruce Springsteen, “Star Spangled Banner” by Whitney Houston, “America the Beautiful” by Ray Charles etc.

Fourth Of July party food

Traditional Fourth Of July foods are outdoor foods like barbecue and picnic foods. Some menu suggestions for picnic dinner: Menu A
  • Caesar Salad
  • A variety of burgers including vegetarian ones
  • Baked beans with grilled peppers on top
  • Assorted Grilled Vegetables (eg okra)
  • Potato salad
  • Assorted Breads, Rolls and Butter
  • Apple-Berry pie and cream / ice-cream
  • Star shaped cookies
  • Watermelon-Mint Cooler
  • Coffee, tea and chocolates
Menu B
  • Mescaline Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Grilled seafood
  • Vegetarian Florentine Pasta
  • Grilled figs
  • Watermelon Fruit Kabobs – with the melon made into star shapes
  • Berry tarts
  • Hibiscus Iced Tea – hibiscus flowers with cinnamon sticks and a spoonful of honey.
  • Coffee or tea
If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, finger food is the way to go:
  • Red beet chips with potato chips and blue corn chips
  • Nachos and salsa
  • Pretzels
  • Nuts
  • Vegetable and dip
  • Chicken wings
  • Mini pizzas
  • Pigs in a blanket (a prune wrapped in bacon and grilled)
  • An assortment of cheeses.
Great picnic recipes are available on the Internet. Go to www. google.com and type in “4th of July recipes”.
Heavenly invitation image

Heavenly Frolicking Fun…

Some famous Americans have gathered in Heaven. Their kindness towards others has been severely tested lately by the cigar-smoke blowing comedian George Burns. He has been behaving very badly. Someone hasn’t been able to tolerate any more of his unruly behavior as they have arranged to have his him sent to a far hotter place. Your job is to work out who organized for this! Reading level: 8

Perfect for 4th of July parties or anytime!

Other Fourth Of July party games

Bike decoration competition

Have your guests bring along a bicycle they have decorated in an American way. Afterwards have everyone vote as to who has the best bike and award prizes. Make an Uncle Sam hat Have an assortment of materials available (colored paper, scissors, glue etc) and let everyone make their own Uncle Sam hat to wear for the rest of the party. Afterwards have everyone vote as to who has the best hat and award prizes. Red, white and blue fingernail and toenail decorating contest Have an assortment of red, white and blue nail-polish available and nail polish remover and cotton balls. Afterwards have everyone vote as to who has the best fingernails and toenails and award prizes. Red, white and blue face paint contest Have an assortment of red, white and blue face paint available and cleanser and cotton balls. Afterwards have everyone vote as to who has the best faces and award prizes. American trivia game Collect some of your own American trivia and facts together and have a trivia game. If you want, you can have people play individually or in teams / tables. Award prizes. Baseball game Divide into two teams and have a friendly baseball game. Lawn games Play games such as bocce, frisbee, croquet, quoits, horseshoes, musical chairs.

Games for every taste!

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Because our kits are good clean fun, they can be used for 9 years upwards. There are no hidden innuendos, so no embarrassment just lots of laughs.

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People find that when they assume a role, they lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily. So it's a great way to get to know your co-workers.


Mystery games are great for fundraisers. You can charge people to participate, to play the suspects and also for special clues.