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Using mystery party games for graduation parties and prom parties

It is important to celebrate each stage we complete in the long educational process. So you can have graduation parties when your child completes kindergarten, elementary/primary school, grammar school, high school, or when they have attained their undergraduate degree, master’s degree or doctorate.

Celebration is the name of the game. You can celebrate each step of progress. Surely now is the time to start planning such a celebration.

Of course the activities at the graduation party will depend largely on the ages of most of the participants, but Ice-breaker party games are often useful.

Although everyone likes cake, just having cake to share can become a bit boring because once the cake has been eaten there isn’t anything else to do. That’s why mystery party games can really add to the occasion. At any rate it can add some laughter and joy. All you need to do is to decide on which mystery party game and whether you want it to be a mystery (not murder) or a classic murder mystery.

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Phony (graduation mystery party game)…

Someone managed to get a master’s degree without ever having obtained an undergraduate degree. Which of their graduating friends had found out the truth? Why didn’t they tell the university? What will happen once the truth is revealed? Will the imposter take revenge? All of these questions will be answered at the party.

Reading level: 7

Great for graduation parties or anytime!

The perfect prom graduation party games!

Melissa Matthews – the girl they all thought would be prom queen – has been attacked. Her beautiful dress has been ripped to shreds and covered in purple. Was it one of the other girls (or their boyfriends or parents) who wanted the crown? Or was it someone else?

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Bonnie Kassen “We had a blast on Saturday night!”

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Because our kits are good clean fun, they can be used for 9 years upwards. There are no hidden innuendos, so no embarrassment just lots of laughs.

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We make our kits challenging but still solve-able. Even the host or the murderer can fully participate in working out who did it.


People find that when they assume a role, they lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily. So it's a great way to get to know your co-workers.


Mystery games are great for fundraisers. You can charge people to participate, to play the suspects and also for special clues.