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Mysteries are great school classroom games and activities

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Most of these kits contain teacher's notes. These are additional exercises to give the class either during the classroom activity or for homework. Some also contain a page for students to use to keep track of things during the event. Click here to see a sample of the teacher's notes for Mystery In The Library.

We also recommend that you read about the Educational value of our mystery kits.

In 2014, a school in Kentucky purchased 8 mystery party games from us. When I asked the Principal for some feedback a year later, this is what she said:

"Thank you for contacting us to check in. We had a really good time with the mysteries. We really liked the Who Stole the Cookies and the Clown Caper one, staff, students, parents had a blast. We were featured in the Kentucky standard the following week which is our local newspaper. I have recommended to other schools that if they are looking for this type of event they should contact you.
Shelley Badgett
New Haven School Principal"

    There are no products in this category.