A woman holding baby shoes in blue and pink at a gender reveal party

This is it: the moment has arrived to unveil the mystery of your future child’s gender, and what better way to do so than with a gender reveal party? This type of gathering has evolved from simple cake cuttings to elaborate events. But as the scale of these celebrations grows, so does the question: Who should bear the cost?

The Cost Breakdown

Like any festivity, a gender reveal celebration costs money. So, let’s break down the costs before answering the question: Who pays for a gender reveal party? 

A gender reveal party’s expenses can swing widely—from a modest $250 to $1,000 or more. The total cost hinges on several factors, including the venue, decorations, and the number of guests. Opting for a backyard bash? You might keep expenses under $500. Planning something grander? Prepare to see the party costs climb.

Here are the key expenses to consider when throwing a gender reveal party:

  • Decor and Themed Supplies: Balloons, banners, and table settings can quickly add up. That’s especially true if you’re going for a specific party theme.
  • Party Invitations: While you can save money by sending out digital invites, you can’t deny that paper invitations have a personal touch. 
  • Reveal Mechanisms: Smoke bombs, confetti cannons, and custom cakes are popular choices for revealing your future kid’s gender, but they all cost money. 
  • Catering: Food and drink costs vary based on the menu and guest count.
  • Venue: You can cut the costs if you choose to host a small gender reveal party at home. On the other hand, renting a space can be a significant expense.
  • Photography: Hiring a professional photographer ensures high-quality memories, but it will surely add to the budget.
  • Personalized Favors: Custom gifts for guests are thoughtful but can be costly.

Now, Who Should Pay for a Gender Reveal Party?

You now know the ballpark figure of how much a gender reveal celebration costs. So, it’s time to answer the question: Who should pay for a gender reveal party? 

It’s the parents—that’s the major consensus in forums online. Unlike bridal showers and other parties where hosts and guests customarily pitch in, a gender reveal party is a relatively new concept that may leave everyone confused about whether to pitch in or not. So, to be on the safe side, parents throwing a gender reveal party should bear the cost or most of it if family and friends offer to help with the expenses. 

However, there are also cultural nuances in parties that you should keep in mind. In a lively discussion that sparked curiosity and a bit of controversy, a Reddit user shared a dilemma about being asked to pay $20 to attend a friend’s gender reveal party. This request initially raised eyebrows and was deemed tacky by many. But the plot thickened with additional context: the couple hosting the event wasn’t expecting any gifts, and the celebration was rooted in a blend of cultures—American and Japanese. In Japan, it’s quite customary for guests to contribute to the costs of an event, especially one as significant as a gender reveal party, which, in this case, was set to feature catered food at a venue in Japan. This cultural insight sheds light on the importance of understanding and respecting diverse traditions and practices, even in new party concepts like gender reveals. 

Should You DIY a Gender Reveal Party? 

If you don’t want to spend too much on your gender reveal party, you can pick the DIY route. First, focus on decorations. You might be wondering whether to go for off-the-shelf party supplies or invest in custom decorations. Here’s the thing: while custom decor items can add a unique touch, they often come with a high price.

The practical approach? Start with buying standard supplies and modify them to fit your theme. This way, you can manage the costs while adding personal touches.

How about the menu? A gender reveal party menu can be as unique as the event itself. Consider preparing pink and blue food items—think cupcakes with colored centers, fruit skewers, and tinted drinks. You can also go for a themed buffet for a gender reveal dinner. Offer dishes that play on traditional gender stereotypes, like “buns in the oven” sliders for boys and “sugar and spice” cinnamon treats for girls.

For the big reveal, consider using a gender reveal party kit. Instead of using risky fireworks or letting blue or red balloons go, go for a kit full of puzzles and mystery prizes. During the party, guests will solve puzzles to figure out the contents of a mystery parcel. Discovering what’s inside will clue them into the baby’s gender, and they’ll win the contents as a prize. That’s a clean, fun way to carry out the big reveal!

You can also boost the fun by including more activities and games that are fun to play at a gender reveal party. If you need more DIY tips, don’t hesitate to explore our guide on how to throw an unforgettable gender reveal party

Summing It Up

Planning a gender reveal party requires balancing your vision with your budget. Whether you choose a DIY approach or go all out with customized details, the joy lies in sharing this special moment with your loved ones. As for who pays, it’s a conversation worth having early in the planning process, keeping in mind cultural sensitivities and personal preferences. Ultimately, the focus should remain on the celebration of new life and the adventures that lie ahead.

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