School Mystery Games

Mysteries are great school classroom games and activities

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Most of these kits contain teacher’s notes. These are additional exercises to give the class either during the classroom activity or for homework. Some also contain a page for students to use to keep track of things during the event. Click here to see a sample of the teacher’s notes for Mystery In The Library.

We also recommend that you read about the Educational value of our mystery kits.

In 2014, a school in Kentucky purchased 8 mystery party games from us. When I asked the Principal for some feedback a year later, this is what she said:

“Thank you for contacting us to check in. We had a really good time with the mysteries. We really liked the Who Stole the Cookies and the Clown Caper one, staff, students, parents had a blast. We were featured in the Kentucky standard the following week which is our local newspaper. I have recommended to other schools that if they are looking for this type of event they should contact you.
Shelley Badgett
New Haven School Principal”