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It can seem hard to plan a party amidst all the sad news from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. And, of course, my heart goes out to all of those personally affected by it. But as the experts are now saying, for the sake of our own mental health (and that of any teens or tweens in our family), it is important to sometimes take a break by connecting with people we love. Hosting a mystery party via video conferencing programs is a good excuse to reach out to friends and family. This is especially important if they are living alone.

How do the video party versions work?

I have created four video friendly kits. They cost $21.95 (so a little less than our normal prices). They each only have 8 suspects, so that you will be able to interact with your guests easily online. 

You email your guests a pdf which includes the descriptions of the suspects and dress suggestions, decor and food suggestions, nametags and notes page. You also email them their clues for each of the 3 acts (a separate file for each character) which I reformatted and edited so it all fits on one page. They can print this out or read it on their computer or phone if they don’t have a printer.

Mystery In The Library: This is a mystery not a murder. The 8 suspects are:

Alice (from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll) – Dress as a little girl with pigtails in your hair and rosy cheeks.
Huck Finn (from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain) – Dress as a country bumpkin with bits of hay sticking out of your old clothes and a beaten up old hat.
Cinderella – Dress like a princess in a tiara or as a servant covered in cinders.
Pinocchio – Dress in a  red jacket (optional) with a white shirt. Make a pencil nose out of cardboard and string.
Little Red Riding Hood – Dress in a red hooded cape (or a red hoodie) with a dress beneath. Carry some little cakes or cookies.
Peter Pan – Dress in a green cap, a green outfit, and a toy or homemade sword.
Goldilocks – Dress in cute little-girl clothes. Tie a ribbon in your golden hair and don a blue dress, a frilly white apron, red shoes, and yellow socks. 
Aladdin – Wear Middle Eastern clothes (e.g., baggy trousers). Add sequins and jewels. 

Murder In Outer Space: This is a murder mystery. The 8 suspects are:

Gold Face – Business type space gear. Carry a toy ray gun and a calculator.
Brainy Feet – Average business-like space gear. Perhaps antennae. Wear large
footwear and carry a palmtop.
Little Green Man – Conservative working clothes. Green face and green hands and sunglasses (because you can’t stand glare).
Siren – Attractive skin-tight space gear. Lots of make-up and cleavage and legs
Towel – Dress in toweling or pin two white towels together at the shoulders. Speak
and move in a very robotic way.
Crybaby – Mascara streaked face. Dab your eyes with a handkerchief continually. Carry a toy space gun and wear a toy ammunition belt.
Probe – Trendy space type clothes. Carry a notebook and pen. Make a blue or black bruise mark on your leg.
The Answer (computer) – Neat spacey clothing – silver or white. Maybe wear a box. 

Murder Of The Great Chef: The 8 suspects are:

Mary Homebud – Dainty clothes with touches of lace. Nothing revealing at all. Carry a few muffins you have baked.
Paula Tortula – Dress in a glittering outfit — sequins or glitter — dazzling and glamorous. Add high heels.
Yves Larousse – A beret, neck scarf, and chef’s check trousers. White shirt. Carry your notebook.
Cath Scarlet (bag lady) – Bring the bag or trolley, which contains your possessions. Wear a rag torn outfit and a dirty face. 
Joe “Slasher” Tessarario (gangster) – Clinging nylon shirt, gold chains, hat, black leather coat or double-breasted jacket.
Katie Pitman – Business dress, nothing revealing, just smart and stylish. Low heels. Just a touch of makeup. Carry a work diary.
George Creuset (pot-washer) – Check flannel shirt. Carry a pot and a scrubbing brush. Whistle a merry tune.
Fred Cleaver (butcher) – An apron with a few ketchup stains (pretend they’re blood). Carry one of your favorite large (blunt) knives.

The Balmy Bahamas Cruise (all girl version): The 8 suspects are:

Tilly Song – Wear your hair flat, maybe slicked back. Dress in simple, but well-styled clothes. Carry a guitar (or guitar case).
Gerri Netman – Wear orange hair (optional), fake tattoos and basketball clothes. Carry a basketball.
Magnolia Lollipop (comedian) – Dress as a little girl complete with ribbons in your hair and a lollipop in your mouth.
Cosi LuvLuvLuv – Wear tennis clothes. Carry a racquet. Also add some flashy jewelry.
Hertha Haywire – Wear a suit (e.g. a pink one) with a black T-shirt underneath. You are definitely not slim, so you may need to add some padding.
Durga – Dress as a warrior. Carry a homemade sword.
Angelica – Dress as a princess, but carry a homemade sword.
Twinkle-fingers – Wear a flamboyant outfit with lots of glitter and add gold chains and lots of rings. Add white powder so people know you are a ghost.

NOTE: At the end of the party, you unzip the Who Did It bundle and read the host who did it page which tells you the order in which the suspects need to read the who did it sections. Then after each suspect reads their section, you email the next one and so on until all is revealed. If you have any questions or need any help with the logistics of organizing an online video party, please just reply to this email. 

Our other ongoing competitions

We didn’t have any entrants in our video competition so there are prizes sitting unclaimed.

Would you like to enter some of your photos or videos and win a free mystery party game kit of your choice? See photo competitiondecoration competition and video competition for details.

You could take a screen dump during video party showing of all your guests dressed up! Please download the permission form and email it to all your guests. Ask each person to sign it and take a photo of it after it is signed and email it to you and them email them all on to me.

Thanks for being part of the mystery! And wishing you good health during the Pandemic.

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