Mystery (Not Murder) Party Games

Hold a mystery party and turn your home into a theater!


We have a number of mystery party games to choose from. There are kits for 8 to 16 players, 17 to 30 players, 17 to 50 players and 17 to 100 players.

There are mysteries with a period theme and those with modern themes.

  • Clown circus mystery
  • Superhero party photo

Feedback on our mystery not murder party game kits

Janet Umlauf, USA

“We did your clown caper. The kids costumes were hilarious…we really got into that one — lots of ad libbing. Decorations, etc. I had a really creative lady at church that re-created vintage posters with Center Circus on them. They looked really authentic. We had a blast! Our youth director is a body builder and he & his wife came as the Russian Gymnasts — complete with some impressive routines. Too fun. I will be sending a couple of pix soon. All the kids said this was the best one ever!! Such a fun evening. Thanks for providing your great scripts!! Jan”

Showing 1–16 of 57 results

Showing 1–16 of 57 results