Tips to make mystery parties easier to run & recover from


These party recovery ideas will help you prevent your party being too much of an ordeal and help you recover from your party.

There are suggestions in the host guide for each kit. See our best mysteries page and click on the title of the kit to see more details and access the samples and host guides.

We recommend that you prepare food that can put in the oven during the beginning of the party so that you aren’t trapped in the kitchen. For example, lasagne or a roast dinner.

Try and serve dishes that are easy to prepare or get a caterer to help. Or asks your guests to bring a plate of food. This is fair as you are providing the mystery party game entertainment.

Start your party early otherwise people won’t be interested in working out who did it as they will just want to go to sleep.

Take photos as guests arrive and do a group photo as soon as everyone has arrived. This way you get to see them looking the best they can.

Put people’s names on their drink glasses so that people don’t keep getting a new glass for each new drink and creating a million glasses to wash!

Train your guests in how to rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher.


Other party recovery ideas

Prevention is the best cure. Don’t drink too much alcohol! Drink plenty of water during the evening, but drink plain still water not ones full of bubbles which will create a digestion nightmare.

Don’t let your guests ruin your evening. Get them to leave at a reasonable hour. Give them hints (e.g., talk about how early you have to get up tomorrow etc).

Don’t stay up cleaning everything. Go to bed and do it in the morning.

The next day, sleep in and after you finish tidying up, take it easy. Maybe arrange to go and have a massage. You certainly deserve it

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Because our kits are good clean fun, they can be used for 9 years upwards. There are no hidden innuendos, so no embarrassment just lots of laughs.

HobBy Detectives

We make our kits challenging but still solve-able. Even the host or the murderer can fully participate in working out who did it.


People find that when they assume a role, they lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily. So it's a great way to get to know your co-workers.


Mystery games are great for fundraisers. You can charge people to participate, to play the suspects and also for special clues.

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