Hawaiian Luau-Inspired Summer Pool Party

People in Hawaiian attire

What are some Hawaiian luau-inspired summer pool party ideas and why should you use an Hawaiian mystery party game?

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian culture party.

If you need to break the ice at your pool party there are lots of party games you can play. This is especially useful if there are people who don’t know each other. There are some ice-breakers on this page, but for further ice-breakers, see Ice-breaker party games.

Outside pool decorations

We all know that you will need some lights at a pool party. But there are cheap ways to use them to also add atmosphere to all pool party themes.

Battery lights

There are battery and also solar powered lights that are shaped like flowers and come in different colors. You can put them alongside the entry paths or in amongst plants in a garden bed and on the letterbox.

Warning: Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep flames away from paper, greens, or other flammable objects. Make sure candles aren’t placed where partygoers will knock them over or brush against them with their clothing.

Floral decorations

Create leis of fresh flowers to give to guests or to decorate the tables at your pool party.

Use large green leaves

Use the leaves as table decorations.

Use raffia baskets 

Baskets can be used to hold napkins or towels, and make great pool party decorations.

Hawaiian food and drinks

In keeping with the Hawaiian luau-inspired theme:

  • Pineapples – fill them with fruit salad
  • Coconuts – fill them with dips
  • Poke bowls rice with  tuna, tofu, salmon and vegetables and a sauce.

Halloween drinks

  • Pineapple and coconut smoothies – Just add coconut cream to fresh pineapple juice.

Suitable downloadable Hawaiian mystery games

Hawaiian Lunacy…

This is set on “The Big Island”. Hawaii was inhabited by little people known as Menehune. Some say Molowa had some Menehune blood in him and that was why he was only four foot tall. Recently, however, he’d been causing so much mischief that people were complaining. Today he disappeared. Who rid the island of Molowa?.

Reading level: 6

Perfect for summer pool parties or anytime!

Other free Hawaiian pool party ideas

Hawaiian pool party invitations and a pool party cake can be made to suit the occasion. 

Getting to know you

A good game for a pool party where not everyone knows one another.

Have two baskets at the front door containing folded pieces of paper with a word on each – enough for one piece of paper for each guest. In one basket have Hawaiian words like Aloha, and in the other have the complementary word like Hello.

On arrival each guest picks a folded slip of paper from one basket and goes off in search of their complementary mate. Try to evenly distribute the notes.

Scavenger hunt

If you have a big yard with lots of places to hide things, another fun pool party activity for kids or adults is a scavenger hunt. We also have a kit that is both a mystery and a scavenger hunt called “The Hunt.”

Costume competition

You can also hold a home-made costume competition.

Yard maze or labyrinth

You can use tarps as dividers or even dried corn husks. For a labyrinth, you could use large pebbles to form the labyrinth on the lawn.Aloha

Games for every taste!

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Because our kits are good clean fun, they can be used for 9 years upwards. There are no hidden innuendos, so no embarrassment just lots of laughs.

HobBy Detectives

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People find that when they assume a role, they lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily. So it's a great way to get to know your co-workers.


Mystery games are great for fundraisers. You can charge people to participate, to play the suspects and also for special clues.

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