Although Our Name May Have “i” Instead Of “y”, We Still Wish You Merry Holidays!!

As the year is drawing to a close, I would like to thank you for being such wonderful clients. Whenever I receive feedback or reviews from you on our website, it makes my day. And from my interactions with you via email and phone, I can tell that you are kind people who care about bringing joy to those around you. So you deserve a break from work, the company of people you love and lots of treats. New Year’s Eve is coming up soon!

See the mystery party kits we recommend for New Year’s eve parties:

And there are many more. See our home page for a list of our most popular kits (both mysteries that are not murders and murder mystery kits).

As you greet the New Year…

When you are deciding which character you want to play at your mystery party game for New Year’s Eve, you might like to consider playing:
  • Polly Darton from Fame, Money and Murder – if you want to become famous in 2018 like this lil’ old country and western singer from Tennessee
  • Groucho Marx from Celebrity Celebrations – if you want to make more people around you laugh in 2018
  • Goldilocks from Mystery In The Library – if you want to find exactly the right bed and have a really comfortable snooze and a relaxed year in general
  • Steel Man from The Superhero Mystery – if you want to become really fit and incredibly strong, so that you can stride through life helping others.
Playing a character can be a way of practicing to be the person you want to be.

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