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Who Killed Santa?...

Who Killed Santa picture


The portly gent who dresses in red won't be going down any chimneys this year. He is dead – possibly murdered – yes, it's scandalous but true. It happened just before the company Christmas party being held at Chatties Restaurant. Did someone not want him to be there? Was it revenge for an unwanted present from Santa last year? Or was it just old age catching up with him?

We're here to find out the real juicy truth. The media are also here. But this time they aren't just reporting what happened. They are suspects too.

Reading level: 7

Great Christmas party game and ideas! This mystery party game is perfect for Christmas parties at work or at home. It looks at why some people don't like Santa's involvement in Christmas. The host's guide contains decor ideas for your Xmas party. Perfect for Xmas parties!

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