Who do you want to become - which famous person inspires you the most

We are in the process of creating some new kits for our “Who Do You Want To Become” category. In these kits famous people and a few fictional characters will act as mentors for self-development.

You will be able to use these by yourself or in the company of friends, family or co-workers. The idea is that you will listen to one each morning. They will be around 5 to 15 minutes long. Here is a sample of one of our longer ones. There will be 30 in total – so a month’s worth. Hopefully be the end of the month, you will have worked on a number of qualities and approaches to life and be making progress towards being the person you want to be.

Or you could meet with people each week and spend a little over an hour doing seven of them together and afterwards sharing whatever insights you wish to share. If you want, you can also dress up as one of the famous people to add to the fun. Or spend a day together and do them all.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us out by answering these questions below in the comments section of this blog:

  1. Which famous person (ideally one that is no longer alive) has inspired you?
  2. What about their life inspired you the most?

We are still deciding whether they will be audio files or videos. They will also be available to read as well. These kits will hopefully create some need for self-reflection and for that you will ideally close your eyes. So that’s why we might do that as audio files. What would you prefer?

We would love to know which famous person inspires you the most and any feedback you may have about this project. Please comment below.

Thanks so much!


Stephanie Chambers – Director of Merri Mysteries Inc

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  1. I would have loved to be Doris Day. She wore beautiful outfits and had a beautiful voice. I love to sing, and I can’t carry a tune! My kids tell me not to sing in church!

    1. Hi Dawn – Thanks so much for your input. I also loved “Doris Day”. One of the few songs I know the words to is her song “Secret Love”. But I don’t let anyone hear it either, because I wasn’t even allowed to join my school choir. All the best, Stephanie

  2. Abraham Lincoln. He came from nothing…a very humble background. Lost a number of elections. Persevered-elected to the highest ofc of the land. When in ofc, appointed many cabinet members who were on opposite sides of issues from him. Worked with them and earned their respect. Lots of great character qualities.

    1. Hi Don – Thanks so much! This is a great suggestion and I love hearing all the things he did. I wasn’t aware of some, even though I have watched TV documentaries about him. All the best, Stephanie

  3. Gladys Aylward born around 1904 to poor parents in England-she became a missionary to China. She effected prison reform, Helped leper colonies, rescued 100 orphans from invading forces, among many other accomplishments. She Brought those children through the mountains to safety-All the while giving out the hope of the gospel. Her biography is amazing.

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