Mentors - Role Models - Famous Women In History

Our mentor kits use famous women in history as role models for self development. You say self improvement quotes from famous female celebrities and famous female fictional characters. By pretending to be these famous women and by using their words to ask yourself probing questions, you will change your lives.

What sort of inspiring women do our mentor kits contain?

We have women from all walks of life. There are actors, scientists, writers, athletes, military women, politicians, lawyers, mathematicians, religious women and so on. And women from all races and women of all ages. There are female mentors from many countries and continents.

Women like Audrey Hepburn and Irina Sebrova (one of the Russian “Night Witches” that helped bomb Germany in World War 2). Elizabeth Kenny (the Australian who developed polio treatments) and Wangarĩ Muta Maathai (the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize) and many more.

We also generally have one famous female fictional character in each Mentor game set. For example, Mary Poppins is one such character.

How can the famous women in history help us?

By pretending to be such women, we train ourselves to act and think like they do. Research has even confirmed that such imitation affects our brains.

We use their experiences and their self-improvement quotes as a way to look at our own lives through a new lens.

There are also crossword puzzle items to solve for each famous person. Special exercises are included to get the blood flowing and the fun to happen.

Are you ready to become an inspirational woman?

Will you allow these women role models to lead you to think about your own life in a new way? So that someday you will become an inspirational woman too?

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