Teambuilding party game ideas

Great ideas to help you plan your next team building event

Teambuilding can involve learning how to solve problems as a group or just getting better acquainted. If chosen correctly, good team building exercises create positive interaction among a group of people, and in doing so enhance their ability to work effectively as a team when they return to the workplace. And they can also be a lot of fun!

Teams that are more closely bonded, trust one another more and are more productive.

Sometimes people are very shy at teambuilding events as they don’t know one another so you may also like to see Ice-breaker party games.

Our mystery dinner party kits are great for teambuilding events. See “our most popular mysteries“. You may like to use one of our standard kits for smaller teambuilding gatherings or one of our meet and mingle kits for groups of 17 or more.

Generally people find that when they assume a role, they lose some of their inhibitions and relax more easily.

The games also utilize each person’s problem solving skills in working out who did it.

For larger corporate events, you may like to have each table dress as one character and have a representative read out their clues to the whole group. Then each table can cast its vote at the end in terms of who they think did it. Getting a consensus requires real teamwork and is an excellent team building exercise.

Good mystery party games for teams

If you want to stick to the “team” theme, you may like to use:

  • Out Of The Game – a murder mystery about baseball – good if you want to keep up the “team” idea – mystery not murder versions are also available
  • Storm Survivors – a murder mystery about athletes left on an island after it is destroyed by a storm
  • Caught In A Spanish Web – a murder mystery involving the staff of a hotel with a terrible boss
  • The Balmy Bahamas Cruise – a murder mystery with celebrities on board a cruise ship (see photo no.1 above)
  • Celebrity Celebrations – a murder mystery with 1960s celebrities (see photo no.2 above)
  • Mystery In The Library – a mystery not murder where the characters of books come alive.

Tips for team events

Here are some tips that may help improve your teambuilding events:

  • Be as generous as your budget will allow with accommodation/food/drink/entertainment.
  • Consider a different location (hotel conference rooms can be so boring!)
  • Think about music – hire a band or DJ
  • Encourage mingling by using mystery party games.

Other teambuilding activities

Everyone is a musician!

Ask everyone to say their favorite musical instrument. Ask each person to make the noise it would make and pretend to be playing that instrument. Seat everyone down like an orchestra with a conductor (the organizer) out the front.

The conductor conducts the orchestra with the musicians each playing when the (imaginary) baton is pointed at them. It can be fast and furious and then slow. The conductor is in control. At the end the whole orchestra stands and bows to the imaginary audience.

High fashion

Divide the group into teams of 4 to 8 people. Using one team member as a model, each team has 15 minutes to dress the model in an outfit as flamboyant as possible using only the materials supplied.

Let your imagination go with the materials – they can all be second hand. Some suggestions are: newsprint, string, wire mesh, cloth, bubble wrap, cardboard, sticky tape and pins. At the end have a catwalk display and a prize for the winning team. Make sure you have the cameras ready!

The two minute ad

Organize participants into groups of about ten people. Give them half an hour to come up with a two minute TV ad for your business or a fictional business, which they then act out in front of the group. Sometimes it’s better to give each group a different fictional product to advertise. These ads can be as silly or corny as they want. Video them if possible for playback as a TV ad.

Fire alarm

Divide the group in two and give them a large sheet of paper. Tell everyone to imagine there is a fire in their home and they have five minutes to grab their most important items. Using someone as scribe each group makes a list and reads it out to the others.

Keep it up!

This is a good teamwork game, as it requires everyone to work together to achieve the desired result.

Rinse out an empty 500ml cardboard drink carton.

Tape it shut so it’s a cube with flat sides, bottom and top.

The object of the game is to keep the carton in the air up to the count of 50 by hitting it up with the flat palm of the hand.

Have everyone stand in a rough circle and someone start by hitting the carton up into the center counting ‘one’.

Someone must reach the carton and hit it again, counting ‘two’.

People will need to move around to hit the carton up and prevent it falling to the floor.

The game requires everyone to move and count out aloud.

When the carton hits the floor, counting must start all over again.

Are you the one?

Divide the participants into groups of about ten. Give each group a list of ten attributes of people they must find within their group. The first group to complete the list wins. Some suggestions are a person who:

• speaks more than one language
• was born in another country
• has more than three children
• wore pajamas to bed last night
• eats lunch by themselves
• naps in their office
• loves ice cream
• drinks warm milk before bed
• doesn’t eat their crusts
• likes talking on the phone too much
• hates Japanese food
• likes the boss
• hates the photocopier
• can’t add up without a calculator
• has more than one pet
• has been married more than once
• loves snow
• hates snow
• walks barefoot in the park
• watches TV in bed
• drinks more than four cups of coffee a day.