Merri Mysteries is the hub for the best ideas for hosting a party with a mystery game

Do you love partying with your friends? Currently, it must be tough for you with the Pandemic restrictions. Things are different now, but if you are cautious you can still break the boredom and host a party as long as you allow for social distancing. If you really want to be careful, you can cook with a mask on and serve each person’s meal in a folding cardboard box like you get for Chinese rice takeout. Plan for a mystery party and invite your friends. If you have no prior experience of playing a game like this at your party, don’t worry. We have many years of experience in providing customized games, which you can easily download, print out and use at your party. Get ready to host a mystery party and invite your friends, colleagues, or family members. Open the wonder box of mystery party and make the event exciting.

Merri Mysteries is the hub for the best ideas for hosting a party with a mystery game

You need a plan to host such a party with your friends and to make the event memorable. Merri Mysteries is the hub where you can explore multiple mystery party ideas and plan accordingly. We have expertise in preparing the scripts for mystery games, which you can easily sync in a party to elevate the fun and excitement. Explore our mystery party kits and select the best kit to meet your requirements. Our experts can also customize each game for a really special mystery party event to satisfy your requirements. If you miss any of the main ingredients, it could ruin the event and dampen the fun and excitement. It’s easy to run the perfect party game using our kits. We have designed over twenty mystery party games with different themes and storylines. Some are classic “murder mysteries” and some are “mysteries that are not murders” (but they are still challenging to solve). The kits are structured to allow all your guests (and even you too as host) to be totally involved in playing a character in the story and solving the mystery. There is nothing to stop everyone participating in the mystery party. Even the murderer themselves doesn’t know they did it, so they also get to take part in working out who did it. But during the Pandemic, we recommend that if possible you keep the number of invitees to just eight guests so that it will be easier to make sure everyone sits six feet apart. And we don’t recommend that you invite elderly people or people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as obesity, asthma, diabetes or heart disease), as they are more vulnerable to becoming critically ill if they catch Covid-19. Streamline your mystery party with these specific considerations and turn the event incident-free.

Seek our assistance in arranging your party to make sure it’s perfect

You may have tried all sorts of things to make your parties exciting. Delicious food, music, and dance for example. However, deciding to host a mystery party is a new way to make an event exciting. While you and your guests gorge on delicious food, you can play the game of solving the mystery or you can hold your event after dinner and just provide snacks and drinks. Mystery parties are generally lots of laughs and they also challenge your intelligence while having fun. At Merri Mysteries, we consider a range of factors in the design of our Mystery Party game kits. We make sure no one will feel embarrassed to read a clue out. There are no sexual innuendos – just good, clean fun. We make them straightforward, yet challenging but not impossible to solve. If you don’t have any idea about how to run a mystery game party, please contact us. We have been helping people run these parties for over 20 years. Explore the kits we have available and select the best game. We have something for everyone in our stock. Anyone nine years and upwards can participate. Our experts will suggest the kit that will perfectly fit your requirements.

We can design unique scripts to cater for special events

We design the Mystery Party kit with innovative and exciting script ideas. The stories or scripts are unique and enthralling. We customize the scripts according to your inputs. Everyone tries to solve the murder mystery. But it’s all a bit silly and nothing is scary or serious. And we also have a number of “mysteries that aren’t murders”. If you want to celebrate with your like-minded friends, use a mystery party. We also have a number of all girl kits that can be used for a bachelorette party or a hen night.

Explore our party kits and make your event memorable

Visit us at to explore the Mystery Party ideas. Provide us with the specific details of your male to female guest ratio, age range of the guests and event details so that we can suggest the best game. If you don’t find a kit that meets your needs, we can either customize an existing kit or write one from scratch for your event. We also provide costume suggestions for each guest and details on props you might choose to provide although they are generally optional. Some people also like to create a crime scene to make it even more realistic. Get ready to throw a unique Mystery Party that you will never forget.
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