Your long stay at home amid this lockdown is indeed a boring time. Do you want to engage yourself in some exciting activity? Host a Mystery Party and invite your friends or family members to join you. You don’t need to break the rules of lockdown, i.e. social distancing to attend the party. Your invitees can enjoy the Mystery Party being at their home while solving a mystery. Do you have any such unique idea of turning the party more exciting! Hosting a Mystery Party could be the most memorable event if arranged seamlessly with high perfection.

Source the blueprint of such exclusive party ideas 

Hang up your mobile phone, gaming devices, and step out of your monotonous life hosting a Mystery Party. You need to connect with your invitees via video conference. Apart from the concept or idea of a Mystery Party you would require certain props to turn the event lively and interesting. The blueprints of such party ideas by experts are unique and interesting intended to turn a boring party into an interesting one. Get ready to reap the fun and excitement of the Mystery Party.

It’s not just about hosting the Mystery Party virtually! You can host such an interesting party filled with fun and excitement after the lockdown restrictions get abolished. The main theme of the Mystery Party is solving the mystery or a challenge. You can invite your friends to join you if they are like-minded and find solving a challenge interesting. If you have a ‘detective’ within you and solving mysteries enthralls you then you should learn more about Mystery Party.

Merri Mysteries designs a wide range of party ideas with a challenge to solve mysteries

Merri Mysteries is the hub point where you can source unique ideas of Mystery Party. You can explore different party ideas. We have a stock of Mystery Party ideas designed considering age and gender. We have something for everyone, which includes a specific genre for boys and girls, adults, and kids. You can team up with your friends and accept the challenge of solving the mystery while enjoying the party. The Mystery Party also includes a genre of solving a murder mystery. Solving a murder mystery can bring a chill to your bones and up the excitement level. Still, you don’t need to get involved in any bloodshed or death.

If you are not interested in any violent theme, you can host a simple “mystery not murder” Mystery Party and invite up to 100 guests. Girls missing their gang can try hosting an all-girls virtual party and have fun or even you can host a video prom party inviting couples to join your party in the virtual party. Whichever theme you select from our website, you can get involved in the Mystery Party and challenge others to play a part in the game. The mystery kits are easy to download and print. With the entire script of the party plan, it will be easier for you to make the arrangements. You can share the same with your invitees via email. Each character designed for the Mystery Party has importance.

Make your event lively with appropriate arrangements

We also provide assistance in arranging the required costumes for the various characters in each game. Donning the costumes will turn the event lively and realistic. The Mystery Party kits are affordable and will live up to your expectations. We have some specific Mystery Party plans for the lockdown and also for normal time. People getting bored during the lockdown can plan for something exciting with Mystery Party and even try out the other party plans after everything returns to normal again.

Contact our experts to make your queries

See the home page at and explore the ideas. You can seek our assistance if you don’t understand anything in the script. It’s not just about hosting a party. We will help you to host a Mystery Party that everyone will cherish for a long time. We can even customize the Mystery Party so that it will suit your requirements perfectly. A Mystery Party is for people interested in some fun, excitement, and drama. So, get ready to host a weekend party and turn everyone’s boring time into an exciting time. Contact our experts to find out about party ideas and how to host a mystery party amid the lockdown or after it.

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