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Holiday Party Games

Which holiday party games do we recommend for specific holidays?

Celebrity for Halloween and holiday party gamesOut Of The Game is great for baseball seasonThe Luck of the Irish is great for St Patricks DayFame is great for new years eve parties

You can use any of our games for holiday parties.

We recommend these holiday party games for:

Here is some feedback on our Christmas holiday party games

Linda Hurley, USA (Christmas party)

A photo of Linda in front of Santa at her Who Killed Santa party

Linda sent in this feedback about her her “Who Killed Santa?” party:

“Dear Stephanie,

Here are the promised pictures from the “Who Killed Santa” party, it was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thanks for your help,

Linda Hurley”

Feedback on our Saint Patrick’s Day game

Norman Sterling

A photo from a St Patricks Day holiday party

Norman sent in this feedback:

“Our annual St Paddys bash was a huge hit. This year we used your Luck Of The Irish mystery which I purchased for the event. We had over 30 participants and as you can see from the photos we used a suspect board and some additional “challenges” to make them earn clues…. We even created the “crime scene” in our front yard! As you can see they all got into the “dress for your part” instructions!!

Norman Sterling”

What they’ve said about our Halloween party kit

Danielle Davis

A photo of Groucho and Marilyn at Danielle's halloween party

Danielle sent in this feedback from her Celebrity Celebrations party:


I was looking for a way to celebrate Halloween this year that didn’t include the risqué costumes that people my age tend to sport at parties – and something where there was more involved than beer pong and keg stands. Once I found your site – I knew a murder mystery dinner was it! Being in our late 20’s and early 30’s – we were looking for something that would be a good fit, not too old, not too young – something that would keep us on our toes. We had so much fun with this – all the guests loved it! They asked if we could make it tradition and host a mystery party once a year! This had to be one of those most fun nights I have had in a long time.

I attached a few photos just so you can see the hilarious costumes – and so we can enter the contest. Please let me know if you need anything else. Have a wonderful week and thank you for your creativity!!

Love, Danielle”

What they’ve said about our baseball game

Audrey Schroeder (baseball fundraiser)

pic of the victim from a baseball game

Audrey sent in this feedback about using Out Of The Game as a baseball fundraiser:


The night went well – we adapted it to a large group – #170 people!

[Editor – you may not believe this, but this picture is of a boy playing Petticoat Peterson – the victim.]

New Year’s party game feedback

Kari Jones, Norway

A photo of Serina and Pebbles from Karis Fame Money and Murder Party

Serena and Pebbles

A photo of Duncan Dockafeller and Polly Darton and from Karis Fame Money and Murder Party

Duncan Dockafeller and Polly Darton

Kari sent in this feedback from her Fame, Money and Murder New Year’s party:

“Here are some photos of the game we played on New year’s Eve. I think “Pebbles” had made a particular good effort! We played the game on New Year’s and had a great time. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks! We had a great time!


Reviews of our Prom kit

Bonnie Kassen

A photo from Bonnies prom party

Bonnie approached us a few months back with an idea for a mystery about a prom party. Normally we charge to create mysteries from scratch, but we thought it was such a good idea, that we would do it for free as it would be great for prom parties. Bonnie contributed lots of great ideas. This is her feedback from her Prom Pandemonium party: “We had a blast on Saturday night!

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