Zoom calls don’t have to be all business and no play! Whether you’re looking to spice up a team-building session or just want to have a blast with friends, we’ve got you covered with some brilliantly fun virtual games to play on Zoom. These games are perfect for adding a dash of excitement to your online gatherings.

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1. Virtual Escape Room

Dive into a world of puzzles and mysteries with a virtual escape room. Platforms like Puzzle Break offer immersive challenges that are perfect for team-building or just a fun night with friends. Hop on a video call with everyone and start collaborating to solve puzzles and escape before time runs out! Want to level up the fun? Encourage the participants to play unique characters as they try to escape the virtual room. Check out our Party Escape mystery kit; you can use it to assign the characters. 

2. Pictionary with a Digital Twist

Looking for games to play on Zoom with co-workers? You can always rely on classics. Everyone loves Pictionary, and now you can play it on Zoom using Google Jamboard. It’s a great way to showcase your team’s creativity and have some laughs. Do you have another virtual activity in mind? That’s OK. You can still use this virtual Pictionary as a fantastic way to break the ice and get everyone involved.

3. The Hunt: A Scavenger Adventure

Planning a virtual gathering with family and friends? “The Hunt” is an exciting scavenger hunt game that’s perfect for both kids and adults. It combines the thrill of a treasure hunt with the challenge of solving puzzles. It’s a kit that includes characters you and your guests can dress up as for extra fun and excitement! This game is ideal for smaller groups and can be easily adapted for a virtual setting.

4. 20 Questions: The Office Edition  

Gather around, sleuths! It’s time to play “20 Questions: The Office Edition.” One of you will think of an object, person, or concept from your office or industry. The rest? You’ve got 20 shots to ask yes-or-no questions and crack the case. The thinker can only reply with “yes,” “no,” or the ever-mysterious “sometimes.” If you can’t nail it in 20 questions, the thinker takes the win and unveils the answer. You can play this game as a Happy Hour activity or as one of your go-to Zoom breakout room games. 

5. Caught in a Spanish Web: A Whodunit Game

Looking for the best virtual games to play on Zoom? You can never go wrong with a whodunit game. Try “Caught in a Spanish Web.” This murder mystery kit will spice up your virtual team-building games, challenging players to solve a thrilling mystery set in a Spanish hotel where the hotel owner has been stabbed to death. Playing this is a great way to engage everyone in a collaborative and fun activity.

6. Excel Pixel Art: The Creative Spreadsheet Challenge

Who says spreadsheets are just for numbers? Welcome to “Excel Pixel Art: The Creative Spreadsheet Challenge.” Pick an image or pattern and let each cell in your Google Sheet or Excel doc be your canvas. Share the sheet, set a color code (like ‘A’ for blue), and watch your team or artsy friends transform data cells into a beautiful digital mosaic. Once the masterpiece is complete, showcase it on Zoom for all to admire. This activity is the perfect blend of creativity and practical skills. Plus, it’s a relaxed, fun way to bring out the inner artist in everyone. 

7. Virtual Guess Who?

Ready for a game of wits and giggles? Play “Virtual Guess Who?” on Zoom! This game is all about guessing which coworker or friend your opponent has sneakily picked. Imagine asking, “Does your mystery person sport glasses?” If it’s a yes, bid goodbye to all the non-glasses-wearing people on the call—your virtual board!

Here’s how to play it and get the fun rolling on Zoom:

  • Start playing by secretly picking a person from the call.
  • Let everyone have a go at guessing characteristics. Is it the hair? The smile? Or maybe those quirky glasses?
  • If someone’s out of the running, they’ll turn off their webcam but stay in the game. No one’s really out until the mystery is solved!
  • The suspense ends when there’s just one person left standing. Time for the big reveal!

But hey, since you’re all buddies, why stick to just looks? Encourage everyone to get creative with their questions. Maybe, “Has your person been part of our friend group for over a decade?” or “Did they jet off to exotic lands this year?” The trick in this fun virtual group game is to uncover who it is in the fewest questions. 

8. The Case of the Missing Matchmaker: A Romantic Mystery

Searching for fun games to play on Zoom for a virtual Valentine’s Day party? “The Case of the Missing Matchmaker” is a fantastic choice! This game is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any romantic-themed gathering. It’s a mix of mystery and matchmaking, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for all.

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Make Your Next Online Party a Hit!

There you have it—a list of fun virtual games to play on Zoom that will surely make your next online gathering a hit. Whether you’re looking for team-building activities or just a fun way to connect with friends, these games offer something for everyone. So, gather your group, pick a game, and get ready for an evening of laughter and fun!

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