Teenagers love dressing up, so hosting a mystery party gives them the opportunity they need. They may not be millionaires or famous celebrities yet, but they can still act like they are.

Here are ten great mystery party games for teenage birthday parties or other events:

1. The 1920s Great Gatsby Jazz era theme

We have a kit called “Poetic Justice” which features famous poets and performers from the roaring 1920s. It is available as a classic murder mystery or as a mystery not murder. There are versions for 10 to 50 guests.

Poetic Justice Great Gatsby 1920s theme party game photo with teenagers

2. Modern day celebrity theme

We have a kit called “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise” which allows teenagers to pretend they are singers, comedians, TV hosts etc. There are versions for 8 to 100 guests. Some are for boys and girls and some are for all girl teen parties.

Teen Girls with the victim

3. Escape room themed parties

We have a kit that allows you to host an escape room party in your very own home. No fancy equipment or locks needed. See “Party Escape” for details. It is for 8 to 16 guests.

4. A 1940s gangster party (or chef cooking themed party)

We have a kit called “Murder Of The Great Chef” which has been popular for teenage birthday parties. There are versions for 8 to 30 guests.

Photo from a boy teen party from one of his teenage birthday parties

5. A Pirate themed party

We have a kit called “Kidnapped By Pirates” and there are versions for 10 to 30 guests. There is also an all boy version.

Photo of teen boys playing pirates at teenage birthday parties

6. Host a scavenger hunt

We have a kit called “The Hunt” which has been popular with teens. It is both a mystery and a scavenger hunt. There are versions for 6 to 30 guests.

7. Host a library themed party

Our “Mystery In The Library” kit has been extremely popular for teenage birthday parties.

Peter Pan at mystery party

8. Hold a high tea party

Our all girls kit “The Love Letter” is perfect for any girls that love Jane Austen novels. There are versions for 8 to 30 girls.

A batchelorette party or high tea party for teenage girls

9. Hold a baseball themed party

Our “Out Of The Game” kit about baseball teams has been popular with teenagers. There are versions for 12 to 50 guests. There are murder mystery versions and also mystery not murder versions.

Teen playing baseball

10. Hold a sci-fi teenage birthday party

Murder In Outer Space” is perfect for sci-fi lovers. There are versions for 8 to 30 guests.


So whether you are hosting teenage birthday parties or other teen celebrations, these kits are bound to take your indoor party game expectations to the next level. Our mystery kits are not only a great way to get the party started but they are also a fulfilling accomplishment once the mystery kit is completed. Plus, we offer a wide variety of mystery kits to suit your party needs for any occasion. Just come to us whenever you need teen party ideas!

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