Janet Umlauf sent some photos from a Storm Survivor’s murder mystery party game she held.

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Janet sent in this feedback about “Storm Survivors” murder mystery party game:

“Our Church teen group did Storm Survivors. We had a jungle set from last summer’s Bible School so our decorations were top notch. The kids, as they usually do, really dressed their parts. The characters were good and the plot was good. The extra murder was good—our teen loved becoming another character—I had wig, glasses and lab coat for xxx. xxx did a dramatic death!

We all felt the motive for the murderer was really weak—nobody guessed correctly. We are a veteran Mystery Dinner group—we’ve done many of your scripts. Yearly, we have at least 20% always figure it out. The group discussed it and felt you need at least 2-3 additional hints that point more directly at the XXX or you need to change the murderer to the person who xxxxx.

The kids really played their parts well and as usual–we had a blast. Thanks for another fun evening!!

I’ve recommended your website to literally dozens of people. I’ve been shopping for props and have told complete strangers about you! So hopefully some of them have purchased a mystery! I really appreciate not having to sift out bad language or illicit behavior! Thank you for your hard work–you’ve provided many many evenings of just plain fun!!



NOTE: I have since added a couple more hints to help people work out who did it it and also strengthened the motive for the person who did it. It is a tricky balance trying to not make it too obvious, especially as earlier feedback I had for this kit in 2015 from Alaina Gismondo was that, “Every kid figured out who and why, but only one got the correct murder weapon.”

Here are some of Janet’s photos:

Storm Survivors murder mystery party game photo

Storm Survivors murder mystery party game prop photo

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