The Balmy Bahamas Cruise

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Perfect as a celebrity game, cruise game or for anyone anytime!

A few of the famous have come along to share the lobster. But Karl Virgil, has been found overboard as full of water as he was of his own self-importance. Although we have more comedians on-board than we do detectives, this is no laughing matter.

Versions and samples:

Overview of this celebrity game

Tilly Song (a megastar singer) has hired a luxury-plus cruiser to see the Bahamas and have a holiday. She has invited a variety of other famous people along to share the lobster. But just as the party was about to start, Karl Virgil, that mad-man troublemaker, has been found overboard as full of water as he was of his own self-importance.

Was it one of the singers or actors or was it the tennis or the basketball star or one of the others? Although we have more comedians on-board than we do detectives, this is no laughing matter. We have to find out who did it.


Twinkle-fingers: “I have passed beyond – to the world of eternal glitter. But sometimes I come back to add a bit of razzle/dazzle to people’s lives back on earth.”

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Number Of Guests:

8 to 17 guests (standard format), 8 to 17 girls (standard format), 8 girls (video friendly format), 10 to 16 guests (play format), 17 to 30 guests (meet & mingle format), 17 to 50 guests (meet & mingle format), 17 to 100 guests (meet & mingle format), 17 to 55 girls (meet and mingle format)


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  • Girls with the murder victim
  • Party fun
  • Girls party
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  • Victim photo at murder party
  • Gerardo character in the mystery

What They've Said

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  1. A

    The party was super fun. No one fully guessed the Who, What, and How, but a few people were close. There were a lot of red herrings that threw us off the tracks! But that’s all part of the fun. All in all highly recommend.

  2. HR

    The girls had a blast!

  3. R

    Our Sunday school class loved this as a social event!! This is our 3rd time to use Merri Mysteries and will definitely be back for more!

  4. CM

Balloons animation

Ariel (verified) – August 30, 2019

“The party was super fun. No one fully guessed the Who, What, and How, but a few people were close. There were a lot of red herrings that threw us off the tracks! But that’s all part of the fun. All in all highly recommend.”

Kim Smith (verified) – May 14, 2018

“Overall, the characters were great, and the theme was good.”

Rachel (verified owner) – April 18, 2018

“Our Sunday school class loved this as a social event!! This is our 3rd time to use Merri Mysteries and will definitely be back for more!”

Cheri Maxson (verified owner) – January 2, 2018

Cheri gave the version for up to 100 guests five stars.

Christine Marlowe and Deborah Alpers, USA

They had this mystery written for their party and they said:

“Stephanie- The party was a smash! Everyone is still talking about it….. Had 1/2 the group over this past weekend for a post gathering to look at pictures. The costumes were great.

Great great fun! All were very impressed that we found a co. to write the script… They loved the script, it played smoothly! At the end, we went around the room and asked “Who & Why”. Many had long sordid tales but only one guest guessed who did it and why…. She was exactly correct, we were quite surprised!!

Walking the plank was a huge hit !! We had a big bucket of squirt-guns preloaded before anyone arrived hiding in the back yard…. When XXX was getting blindfolded, the squirt-guns were snatched up in a hurry and everyone gathered around chanting and yelling stuff like “You shall drown for your crimes.” XXX was a very good sport, soaked but still happy ! Very funny stuff……

Thank you for all your hard work, your effort were greatly appreciated. Until next year!”

Peter H Damato, USA

Regarding “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise” and “Storm Survivors”“I will let you know how the party works out……….although the previous 2 parties, everyone raved at how easy and how great your mysteries are. Thank you again. Pete”

Candice Romines, USA

“The party was a hit! We had been having trouble coming up with something for our son’s 11th birthday party. We have always been creative with Carl’s parties and a bit over the top (pokemon pool party, medieval birthday ball, private skating party with beyblade tournament and “10” trivia) so we were stumped. How can we downsize the party now that Carl is getting older, spend less, and still have a unique party. Well, you were the answer! I was amazed at how little effort it took on our part, and how much the kids got into the costumes and the mystery. AND how much fun I had, too. At first I thought it would be too difficult…well, they showed me. It was tough enough to keep them in the game, but not too challenging that they couldn’t have fun with it.

It was AWESOME! Thanks for your help!

Candice Romines”

Penny Sorensen, USA

“I had a party just this past weekend for my daughters 14th birthday. It was a hit.

I almost died when the kids were walking through the door. I honestly never thought we would get people that were really into it. I mean a expected to come like the character suggestions, but not all out the way they did. We actually went and bought more prizes during the dinner because they went so far out.

These are 8th graders. We did the Balmy Bahamas Cruise. It was fun.”

Lori Netsell, USA

“I just wanted to let you know that the youth really loved playing “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise”. Who would have thought that someone so “innocent” was the guilty one!

The kids had a “murderous” time.

Have a great day!


Sally Hogg, USA

Sally sent in this feedback (see photos no.1, 2 and 3 above):

“The Balmy Bahamas Cruise was selected for our annual high school murder mystery dinner. They mystery was perfect. The location was a community center that we turned into a cruise ship. The dinner was held in the “Spanish Wells” dining room which served a Mexican fiesta buffet. So incredibly easy to plan and a terrific event for 45+ high school students! Thank you for making my job as coordinator so easy! “

Megan Levin, USA

Megan sent in this feedback about her “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise” (girls version) party (see photo no.4 above):

“We had the BEST time last night with our Girl Scout party!!!!!!! Thank you for this FUN kit!

We’d love to do it again, it was a fun, fun time. We’re passing on info to the other Girl Scout troops in our Service Unit about your kits. Thank you!!!”

Beth Costello, USA

Beth sent in this feedback about her “Balmy Bahamas Cruise” party (see photo no.5 above):

“Hi, just wanted to send you some fun photos from the murder mystery party that I hosted for my daughter’s 14th birthday party. It was a huge success, super easy to host and the girls all got really into it.

Thanks so much for making this so easy.

Beth Costello”

Shelly Egerer, USA

Shelly sent in this feedback about her “Balmy Bahamas Cruise” party (see photo no.6 above):

Thank you so much! The staff of the US Anaptive Recreation Center had a BLAST! I’ve attached a photo of all of us

Linda Matson, USA

Linda sent in this feedback about her party (see photo no.7 above – using poetic license as he actually drowned):

“May 9, 2009, was our Murder Mystery “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise” party held at our home in New Hampshire. Since most of us have cruised before and/or been to the Bahamas, this was the perfect choice.

I took the picture of the Goombay Deck Plan, enlarged it and posted it on the wall beside the Suspects Page. Then I made signage to put up around my house. Made the deck look like a ship deck with wall posters and put “Karl” face down outside on the ground below the deck and put orange tape around him. I did the same concept out front but with the half-deflated monkey.

I greeted everyone as the Cruise Director, created Boarding Passes with assigned cabins based on the Suspects Page information. Guests went up the front steps to the ship’s photographer Don.

After a picture in front of the beach scene wall border, guests proceeded inside to Tilly Song and gave her their boarding passes and she gave them their name tag.

Guests then got a “Goombay Smash” drink (found on and went to the ship’s deck outside to do the introduction of characters. I served a meal course in between each act.

We had a mystery dinner last yar for 10 people from another party provider. We all felt Merri Mysteries was better. We had 14 peoples this year – it was great to have the expandable packets. Clues for each act were great but some felt a few questions added to each act would make it more interactive. Only 2 of the 14 guessed the murderer!

Overall, it was a HUGE success and we are all looking forward to next year’s.

I gave all the men “Winner” medals (from the Dollar Store) and the women crown jewels on a stick as prizes for their costumes since they were all great. The winners of the Who Guessed It got liquor nips. There will be lots of parties between NH and Massachusetts as this concept grows from our parties!”

Blondell Taylor, USA

Blondell sent in this feedback about her party (see photo no. 8 above):

“Hi Stephanie,

I just wanted to let you know that my party turned out awesome. Everyone had so much fun and really enjoyed themselves. Thanks for all your help in getting me ready for my event. Scroll down below and click on the kodak gallery link and you can view our pictures of the party. Enjoy and thanks again.

We really had an awesome time. Every one is still talking about it.


Blondell Taylor”


The people present on-board are:

Tilly Song

I’m a soulful singer/songwriter with a voice as pure as the Canadian air I breathed when young. My voice has brought me wealth and fame and I like to share it with my good friends.

Gerardo Netman

Don’t let my orange hair and tattoos confuse you or I will have the ball in the basket before you’ve have time to say my name.

Magnolia Lollipop

I’m a stand-up comedian. As my name indicates, I’m a cross between a perfume and a candy store. Don’t sniff too hard or you’ll eat me.

Gilbert Trueheart

I’m a comedy writer. I write very funny books. Some say I’m crass, outspoken, brutally honest and controversial – a loving force to be reckoned with, and I have to agree.

Cosmo LuvLuvLuv

When I play tennis with you, don’t try and hit back. Just watch the ball zoom past – if you can see it. Some say I’m brilliant, honest and bold. I say – watch that ball!

Eduardo Martini

I’m from Argentina. In the past I sang duets with Tilly, but now I don’t need her help. My dark swarthy looks and show-boatie charms have won me my own fame.

Hertha Haywire

With my own interview TV show, what more could I want besides maybe a bit of peace and quiet? But I like to challenge people so I only have myself to blame for stirring up hornet’s nests, I guess.


As a child in Bolivia I saved my village from raiders. With my newfound sense of power, I went on to become a TV hero. Now I devote myself to fighting for the greater good.


After Hercules saved me from being slain when I was a child, I pledged my life to roaming the world with him. I learned to fight and now I am his co-star on TV as a princess and we are happily married.


Like Elvis I’m back for a visit from the other side complete with my flamboyant outfits, glitter, gold and magic piano playing hands. I wasn’t invited. I am just ghosting around.

Shirley Frosty

I’m a serious actor/director/producer with a capital S. I’m also a classy lady. I have had lots of practice, having started in this career aged three. Please don’t bother me; I prefer to lead a very private life.

Claudine Shifty

I’m a world famous model. Men swoon at my feet and are in total adoration of my fabulous looks. When it comes to work, I can name my own price.

Reading Level

Reading level: 7

Note: The reading levels of each kit (not just “page” as it says below) were determined by copying and pasting the kit (the play version), into The Readability Test Tool (see

The Balmy Bahamas Cruise reading details picture

5 reviews for The Balmy Bahamas Cruise

  1. Heather R. (verified owner)

    The girls had a blast!

  2. Carla S. (verified owner)

    The invitation templates were pretty lame, but the host guide and the scripts were very helpful and fun.

  3. Christine B. (verified owner)

    My daughter requested this for her 14th birthday party. The girls had fun dressing up and getting into character. I cooked a 3 course meal and had them read the clues as the kit described after each course. For the 9 girls we invited, it took almost 2 1/2 hours to get through the whole thing! If we ever do one of these again, I’ll have them read the clues as they eat and make the first course appetizers instead of a seated course.
    The kit included props and food suggestions, which was very helpful.
    My main suggestion is for the 3rd set of clues: The way the clues are written there needs to be an order given as to how the guests read them. Within a few of the clues are responses to what other people say, so it was confusing as to who should read theirs before someone else.
    Lastly, it would be helpful if the reveal clues could be delineated and numbered so that the host can separate them for the guests and then have them read them in order. As they are now, guests can accidentally glance ahead and see who the “murderer” is before the murderer gets a chance to read the confession.
    It was still a lot of fun!

  4. Rachel Smith (verified owner)

    Everyone enjoyed it immensely and laughed lots. Really appreciated that the humour was clean and age appropriate.

  5. Breanna P. (verified owner)

    This package was a ton of fun with a small group of middle school girls. It was just challenging enough that not everyone was able to guess who did it. The girls talk about it all the time and cannot wait to participate in another!

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  1. HR

    The girls had a blast!

Q & A

Hi, what is the difference between standard format and play format? PK asked on February 4, 2024

With the standard bundle, you receive different versions for different numbers of guests. Everyone gets a similar amount to say. You go around the group and each say your clue. If someone asks you a question, you say the answer as your turn. The play version is more flexible, because if someone playing a witness role doesn't show up, you can easily give their lines to the others. There is a definite order in which the clues/lines are said.

Stephanie Chambers answered on February 4, 2024 store manager
(0) (0)
Hi, How long does it take to play this game and is the set up easy? and is it set more like a "dinner" mystery or can the food portion be skipped? We are thinking of having an afternoon party so don't anticipate making a 3 course dinner. PK asked on January 25, 2024

The party normally takes around two and a half hours but if you aren't having any meal breaks you could do it in just over an hour. It is very easy to download, print out and to run the party.

Stephanie Chambers answered on January 26, 2024 store manager
(0) (0)
Hi, I'm looking at the Bahamas Cruise MM for upcoming party. We'll have 30+ guests, so I'm looking at the 17-50 meet & mingle version. Can you tell me if prior to the evening guests know that there are a limited number of suspects? Or is that revealed the night of (or can it be revealed night of if we choose)? And, do we decide before we give out character assignments who is the murderer or is that chosen somehow the night of? Lastly, do my husband and I both need to be hosts or can one of us play a character and be trying to figure out who did it? Thanks so much. We've been to a murder mystery before with about 20 or so people and anyone in the crowd could have been the "murderer" was a blast. Appreciate it! Amy Beyer asked on April 4, 2023

Generally we recommend that you send your guests a link to a page which describes all the suspects and the optional roles. You will see the page URL on the invitations in the kit. That way they can see their character's description and dress suggestions. We also sometimes hide clues in the suspect descriptions, so it is good if they can read them before the party. No one knows who the murderer is. You can also participate if you are careful when you print out the last page of the clues. There is a warning before the who did it pages. Then you can just fold them and put them in an envelope. In the early days, we tried having more suspects, but it was too hard for people to work out who did it. Sometimes people enjoy playing witnesses more than suspects, because they can be more accusatory - knowing there is no chance they themselves did it.

Stephanie Chambers answered on April 4, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
Is this mystery just for girls, or can a mixed group use it? Also, we have potentially 38 teens- would they each have a role/ character if we ordered the 17-50 player mix and mingle version? Chris Majeski asked on March 20, 2023

There are a number of versions of "The Balmy Bahamas Cruise." Most are for males and females. There are also some versions for all girl parties. The "meet and mingle version for 17 to 50" is for males and females. Everyone gets there own character and dress suggestions for their character. Some are witnesses or authorities. Others are suspects. Everyone gets to participate equally. This kit has been very popular with teens (and adults too). It is loosely based on celebrities - but the names have been changed.

Stephanie Chambers answered on March 20, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
I am having an event with approximately 200 sorority college aged women. Will this work? Kelly Raymond asked on March 7, 2023

Hi Kelly

There is a "meet and mingle" version for 17 to 55 girls that you could use for your event. With 200 guests, I would have four sets of the suspects and tell them to mingle with people with the same colored name tag (print them on different pastel colored paper). Other clients have done it this way for large events.

So you would have four people playing the same character, but they would be in different zones of the hall. Everyone could come together for the reading of the reports (over the microphone) and for the presentation of prizes for those with the best costume and that work out who did it.

If you have any further questions after you order, you can always email or phone me.



Director Merri Mysteries

Stephanie Chambers answered on March 7, 2023 store manager
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