I recently watched a video by the entrepreneur Jesse Itzler about how to plan your year. He marks out important things he wants to achieve like running a marathon and lots of mini-adventures. He does this at the beginning of the year, because if you don’t do it well ahead of time, life and all its busy ups and downs can put other things on your agenda.

So I want to encourage you to plan some fun for this year ahead. We all deserve it after having been through two years of a Pandemic! And we need to connect with friends, family and co-workers and laughing together is a great way to bond.

To make this even easier, I have created some bundled mystery party games. They include 5 mystery party games and a bonus history “Who Am I?” game. There is a bundle of “murder mystery” games, a bundle of “mysteries but not murders” and a third bundle of “all girl murder mysteries”. Each one provides a 60% discount. See “Deals” on the menu to access them.

They are mostly for 17 to 30 guests, although some of the all girl kits are a little larger still. But if you want to swap to a smaller version for no extra charge, you can do this by simply sending me a message via the Contact Us page. And if you would like to buy one of the bundles, but you have already purchased one of the kits it contains, we can give you a free swap to another kit you would prefer. Just let me know.

So how are you going to plan some fun for your year? Are you going to have parties to celebrate birthdays, the baseball season, Halloween, New Years and so on?

Here is one suggestion for how to use each of the three bundles:

Here is a possible scenario if you like murder mysteries using that bundle: Celebrate the birthday of a friend or family member that loves to cook with the 1940s gangster “Murder Of The Great Chef”. Have a smaller “Who Am I?” party (no costumes necessary). Bring in spring with a celebrity party using “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise”. Gather your athlete loving friends at the end of summer and use “Storm Survivors”. Have a hoedown in the fall with “Murder On The Prairie”. Bring in the new year with and count down the minutes to midnight with “Fame, Money and Murder”.

You could use the mysteries (not murders) bundle like this to plan some fun: Have a smaller “Who Am I?” party to break up the boredom of winter (no costumes necessary). Celebrate the start of baseball season around April with “Out Of The Game”. Have a birthday circus party for a friend using “The Crazy Clown Car Caper”. During summer, host a scavenger hunt using “The Hunt”. For Halloween (or anytime), use “Mystery In The Library”. At New Year’s (or anytime), bring out your capes and use “The Superhero Mystery”.

For ladies (or girls) who love to spend time together – here is how to use the girls bundle: Host a smaller “Who Am I?” party during winter (no costumes necessary). For Valentine’s day, host a high tea using “The Love Letter”. Celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday with a celebrity party using the all girl version of “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise”. During summer, host a scavenger hunt using “The Hunt”. At Halloween (or anytime), do “One Of The Girls”. For Christmas, host “Who Stole The Cookies?”.

Of course, you could also choose to use all the mysteries in the bundle over a couple of years or even a few years or you could give one or two of the kits friends as presents. After all, it’s up to you how you want to plan your life!

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