Playing one of our Irish characters like Queen Mona Laoghaire or the leprechaun Rory O’Hara in “The Luck Of The Irish” will add spring to your step and dancing a jig. So why not plan a Saint Patrick’s Day party for Saturday March 17th, so you can do this? There is still time to tell your friends to gather their green clothes together. There are versions for 10 to 50 guests.

Our big news – we’re going to be printing some of our mystery party game kits

We are in the process of preparing a boxed kit version of “Mystery In The Library“. It is designed to work for 10 to 100 guests. For large groups, people can mingle with their clues and for smaller groups they can sit in a circle read their clues out in numbered order so it acts like a play with three acts.

The clues are printed on cards. The back of each card has a section where you can write down your vote at the end of the party. And there are colored sticky labels for the nametags. It also includes a host guide and a sealed “Who Did It?” envelope to open at the end of the party. Please let us know via the Contact us page if you would like to be notified when it is ready for sale or if you would like any of our other kits in printed format.

Our ongoing competitions

The winner of our ongoing photo competition is Dawn House (USA). Even though the kit she used wasn’t an all female kit, the ladies managed to play all the roles. Here is her feedback for her “Murder Of The Great Chef” party:

“Thought you’d like to see our picture of the Great Chef murder.  We had fun. I will be ordering another soon.

Dawn House”

See Dawn’s photo at the top of this page.

We didn’t have any entrants in our ongoing decoration or video competition so there are prizes sitting unclaimed.

Would you like to enter some of your photos and win a free mystery party game kit? Please let us know via the Contact us page. See photo competition, decoration competition and video competition for details.

Often people find it hard to get permission signatures from people at the party later on. If you think you might be taking some great photos, please download the permission form so you can get it signed at the party and then scan it in and email it to us with your photo competition entry. Or you can take a photo of it after it is signed and email it that way.

Thanks for being part of the mystery!

All the best


Stephanie Chambers

Director – Merri Mysteries Inc

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