More kits in the new format

Who Killed Santa? and Celebrity Celebrations are now in the new format for 8 to 104 guests like Who Stole The Cookies?Click to see a sample of the new format for Santa here. And we now also have all female versions of these kits available, so you can host an all-girl party for up to 56 girls / ladies.

The main features of the new format are:

  • The base kit is a play for 8 guests ($24.95), but you can buy additional character descriptions, dress suggestions and name tags.
  • If you have more than 16 guests, you can use the same base kit as a “meet and mingle” kit where everyone mingles and talks about their Cookies clue(s) and then hears some Reports. You can have up to 104 guests with the same kit.
  • The additional characters are in sets of 8 males or 8 females for $3.95. The name tags are now designed to be printed on Avery stickers.
  • The base kit is also available with all female suspects. And you can add extra characters and have an all girl party for up to 56 girls/ladies.
  • You can also use the same base kit for a quick 30-40 minute party or school classroom activity by skipping Acts Two and Three and just doing Act One and reading out the Reports.
  • Most of the clues are now shorter (so easier to read). And so are the character descriptions which in the past were a bit lengthy for this particular kit.
  • The base kit is downloadable as one zipped file.

You can also buy printed versions of “Who Stole The Cookies?” and “Who Killed Santa?” base kits via Amazon. We hope to add a printed version of “Celebrity Celebrations” in the coming weeks.

I would love to hear what you think of the new format and whether you would like me to redo all our kits to be in this format. Please comment below with any feedback you may have. Thanks so much!

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