Prom and Graduation seasons are coming up soon. For Prom parties, recommend Prom Pandemonium.  There are versions for 8 to 31 guests. For Graduation parties, we recommend Phony. There are versions for 10 to 30 guests.

Our big news – we’ve redone our website

We’ve given our website a totally new look. It now has a crime-scene background! And we have done a lot of work on our home page to showcase our most popular kits. There is still a little bit more rearrangement and other work to be done, but we are getting there.

We would love to hear what you think of the new looks. So please send us a message via the Contact Us page.

Our ongoing competitions

The winner of our ongoing photo competition is Bonnie Kassen (USA). Here is her feedback:


I purchased the “Mystery in the Library” kit for use with our church confirmation youth (grades 7 & 8) and their adult mentors. Our event was held March 10, 2018 at our church. Old books from home and a “bookshelf” drawn by my daughter-in-law capped off the decorations. In my opinion, this was one of the easiest mystery dinners to stage. As usual, the event was highly anticipated by the kids, and everyone in attendance LOVED the event; kids and grownups alike!  With each act, the kids got more comfortable with their roles, and they did a great job! Our Goldilocks was “sassy” and that made her role pretty humorous!

One of the best parts was finding out “Who Done It!” None of us guessed the correct character, but all participants were awarded prizes for their efforts! The Mad Hatter was the winner of our costume contest. Hopefully you can see his costume in the group photo. We do a new play every other year, so I know the next group of kids will be waiting in anticipation for 2020 to arrive so they can take part!

Thank you for creating mystery dinner plays that work for all age groups. This is the fourth play I’ve purchased; two for kids and two for adults. I’ve never been disappointed!!

Bonnie Kassen, USA”

See Bonnie’s photo at the top of this page.

We didn’t have any entrants in our ongoing video competition so there are prizes sitting unclaimed.

Would you like to enter some of your photos and win a free mystery party game kit? Please let us know via the Contact Us page. See photo competition, decoration competition and video competition for details.

Often people find it hard to get permission signatures from people at the party later on. If you think you might be taking some great photos, please download the permission form so you can get it signed at the party and then scan it in and email it to us with your photo competition entry. Or you can take a photo of it after it is signed and email it that way.

Thanks for being part of the mystery!

All the best


Stephanie Chambers

Director – Merri Mysteries Inc

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