Who Stole The Cookies?

This is a "mystery" not a "murder mystery".

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Last night in the library, when many characters were out of their books enjoying a sojourn in the night air, a crime was committed, grim and grave, right in our own library. When Mrs Bookworm, the librarian, opened the fundraising cookie cupboard this morning she was shocked. The cupboard, where the fundraising cookies had been kept, was empty.

Gathered in the library are the characters who were present at the time of the nasty deed. Fortunately Master Sherlock Holmes is here to investigate, so the perpetrator of this heinous crime will no doubt be revealed as the party proceeds.

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Meet and mingle:
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The same as for 30 but with more optional roles (all of which are female but there are 2 male suspects - Peter Pan and Aladdin).


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Meet and mingle:
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The same as for 30 but with more optional roles.

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Sample character descriptions

The people present in the library are:

Master Sherlock Holmes (from Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conlan) I am a man with such superior detective skills that I have become world famous. Nothing goes unnoticed by me.

Alice (from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll) Whilst on departure from Wonderland, I don't like to be rude, but I can't help thinking how very strange some people are.

Queen of Hearts (from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll) No matter whether I am in my book or not, I am always shouting 'Off with his head! or 'Off with her head'. Such a temper have I.

Cinderella (from Cinderella) Having been treated badly by my step sisters, I know what it's like to be a slave. So in the palace, I am kind to everyone - the servants included.

The Fairy Godmother (from Cinderella) I am by Cinderella's side even when she's out of her fairytale and wandering in the library. I can turn things into other things (eg pumpkins into carriages) and grant wishes.

Snow White (from Snow White by The Brothers Grimm) I am a young lady with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. I am friends with a bunch of dwarfs.

The Witch (from Snow White by The Brothers Grimm) I am a very vain, jealous and angry woman. I am particularly jealous of my step-daughter Snow White.

Peter Pan (from Peter and Wendy by Sir James Matthew Barry) I am the little boy who never grew up. I live in Never Never Land and I can fly. Sometimes I teach other children to fly with me.

Tinkerbell (from Peter and Wendy by Sir James Matthew Barry) I am a fairy and I am always around to help Peter Pan. Sometimes I use my magic fairy dust to help people to fly.

Little Red Riding Hood (from Little Red Riding Hood by various authors) I am a fearless, but kind young lady who goes for walks alone in the woods.

The Grandmother (from Little Red Riding Hood by various authors) I am sick and confined to bed. I try to be a kind lady.

Dorothy (from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum) I am a very determined young lady from a farm in Kansas. I don't let anyone get in my way.

Wicked Witch of the West (from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum) Even though I only have one eye, I am still very powerful and very evil. I have a silver whistle around my neck and when I blow it, a pack of wolves comes to help me destroy people or make them my slaves.

Goldilocks (from Goldilocks and the Three Bears by various authors) I am a naughty and some say "spoiled" little girl. I always do exactly what I want. For example, I steal porridge and sleep in beds I don't own.

Baby Bear (from Goldilocks and the Three Bears by various authors) I am the innocent victim of Goldilocks. She ate my porridge, broke my chair and slept in my bed while I was out.

Aladdin (from The Adventures of Aladdin by various authors) I changed from being a poor boy to a handsome prince and married a beautiful princess in a 'great splendid palace'.

The Genie (from The Adventures of Aladdin by various authors) I helped Aladdin to become a prince. I live in Aladdin's magic lamp.

Mrs Bookworm (the librarian responsible for the cookie cupboard) Although I try to be helpful, a lot of the children are afraid of me. I think it is because I am always telling them to be quiet in the library.


Fairy Godmother: "Cinderella was so busy dancing with the Prince at the ball that she forgot to eat anything. So when she returned home she desperately wanted a midnight snack, so that's why she wanted to steal the cookies from the cookie cupboard."


What they've said

Carlene McKinley, USA

Carleen sent in this feedback:

"Hi, Stephanie,

Thank you.

We really had a great time and will definitely do it again. We had about 20 people so we were able to mingle quite a bit.


Cheri Thomas, USA

"We loved this mystery so much! Our church did it, and had a ball!!! We had some fantastic costumes! Now we will be doing it with a large group from my college. Thank you so much! You guys are great!!!!

Cheri Thomas"

Jackie Overton, USA

"I just wanted to send a few pics taken at my daughters 50th birthday party..........What a fun time all had.........we had 50 plus attend........fun was had by adults and children..........thank you for a memorable party........To save this memory, I took pictures and transferred them to material squares and I am having a quilt made. Thanks again for all your help to make this a memorable "50th" for our daughter....Jackie Overton

PS: I will highly recommend your parties to anyone !!"

Christan Martin, USA

Here is a group photo from Christan's "Who Stole The Cookies?" party:

A group photo at the Who Stole The Cookies party

Christan sent in this feedback about his party:

"I purchased this kit to use as a culminating activity for my sixth grade Honors students after they completed a long-term reading and writing unit on mysteries. The students had a blast dressing up and acting like their characters, eating from the fairy tale- and mystery- themed menu (Fairy Dust Caviar, Make-Believe Sushi, Red Herring Cake, and Mad Hatter's Tea), and participating in the mystery. The students were able to have fun while using their knowledge about foreshadowing, red herrings, motives, and other characteristics of mysteries to help them solve the crime! The kids enjoyed the activity so much that they shared the experience with all of their friends, and I had to order another mystery to use with another class! Everyone loved "Who Stole the Cookies?" and we are all hoping to have another mystery dinner party before the end of the school year!"

Colonial Heights Public Schools

"Where Quality Education is a Step Ahead"

Mia Marr, USA

A group photo at Mia's Who Stole The Cookies party
Group photo

Mia sent in this feedback about her "Who Stole The Cookies?" party:

"We had a lot of fun. We had 8 girls, I (Mia) was Sherlock Holmes, and a mom played Mrs. Bookworm. I wanted to have a food that represented each character so in one of the pictures we were toasting (sparkling cider) as if we were at Cinderella's Ball. In another photo you'll see our 'cookies' and petit fours (Alice in Wonderland) that some said "Eat Me" and a sliced poison apple (Snow White). The girls were laughing and had a great time. For prizes I wrapped giant candy bars and each one would say: Presented to Best... (actress, dressed, Who guessed it, etc). I also made a CD of music from the different character's that we played between Act's when they were snacking.

This was also enjoyable because the girls had never done this before so they really got into it.


Mia and Claire Marr"

Rosemary Muscolo, USA

Rosemary's "Who Stole The Cookies?" party showing Peter Pan and Wendy in front of the books mural created with chalk on black foam boards:

Rosemary's photo of Peter Pan and Wendy and the books mural from their Who Stole The Cookies party

Rosemarie sent in this feedback:

"Hi - I would like to submit the photos from our Fall 2005 Girl Scout Mother/Daughter Mystery Event - Who Stole the Cookies.

This was the 2nd event we did using your games (Celebrity Celebrations the year before was such a big hit the girls wanted more!) which was attended by almost 70 people! We hold this event for our Girl Scouts in grades 6-12 accompanied by their moms and a Scholarship fundraiser.

The "library" backdrop was hand drawn with chalks by the very talented husband of my co-chair for the event, Marge Smith (who purchased this past year's game).

The Girls and their moms had terrific costumes and we all had a great time! The photos attached show both the costumes and the back drops....We'll keep our fingers crossed that we are winners....we are planning another event for the fall!

Rosemarie Muscolo
Community Director
Kings Ferry Girl Scouts

Maarit Vaga, USA

Maarit sent in this feedback:

"I just sent the last of my characters back between the pages of her book. The Queen of Hearts put up quite a struggle but at least she didn't steal the cookies, though I had my doubts about her....

"Who Stole the Cookies" was an enormously entertaining play enjoyed by sixteen young guests between the ages of 7-11. The party was in honor of our daughter Lydia's 10th. birthday and she insisted on playing the Queen of Hearts.

I modified the characters slightly by adding the White Rabbit as a character to better suit one of our guests' personality and our Sherlock Holmes was just fresh from the Outback, having solved a rather nasty crime Down Under. The Queen's siblings added their help by playing both maid and butler for the Literary-guests. Unfortunately, Cinderella was prevented from attending the party due to an uncharacteristic temper-tantrum but Maid Matilda (5) stepped in to "read" the lines with some help from her literate friends.

I can safely say that each guest fulfilled their required reading assignments for the week after this party, but oddly enough, I heard no complaints about it.

Thank you MerriMysteries for an unforgettable birthday party!!

Yours literally,
Mrs. Bookworm (Maarit Vaga, purchaser of "Who Stole the Cookies")
Albion, NY USA

A group photo of from Maarit's daughter's Who Stole The Cookies? party

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