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Party Music Ideas For Mystery Themed Parties

What are some party music ideas for murder mystery party games?

If you are planning a party the following party music ideas will get you off to a good start.

There are generally party music suggestions in the decor section of the host guide for each kit. See our best mysteries page and click on the title of the kit to see more details and access the samples and host guides.

You should play music appropriate to the theme of the mystery party (e.g., country and western music for Murder On The Prairie), but it shouldn’t be so loud that people cannot hear one another reading out their clues.

party music ideas - piano animation

Celebrity Celebrations is our most musical kit as with this party, we encourage you to stop for musical moments when the celebrity suspects such as Elvis can perform (or sing along to) some of their famous songs.

The music you play at your party really sets the vibe for the whole evening. If you are having a dinner party, we suggest you play jazz, classical or soft new age music. This will allow people to talk but it will still create a relaxed atmosphere.

If you are having a dance party, play a variety of musical tracks to cater for the different tastes of your guests. But generally try and make the party music appropriate to the age of your guests.

Most people prefer songs that were hits when they were in their teens and twenties as they know the words well and they are used to dancing to this type of music.

If you like, you can prepare a compilation tape to play so that you don’t have to keep rushing back and forth to the music system. There are also professional companies that can prepare CDs with a selection the songs you want on them.

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