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The Search For The Truth: Murder Standard Bundle for 8 to 16 guests


The standard format is best if you want each guest to have a similar amount to say. The bundle includes versions for different numbers of guests.

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A group is attending a Christian camp. They find that they are not only on a search for their own personal truth, but also the truth in relation to a crime they didn’t think could ever happen – the poisoning of camp leader, Peter Stein.

A great Bible Christian game. A mystery game perfect for Church & youth groups!

Note: There is also a mystery (not murder) version of this kit.

Reading level: 6

Christian crossThis mystery was written with the assistance of a youth pastor in the US and was loosely based on real teenagers. There are some references to Biblical stories. However, all our kits are great for Church fund raisers and youth camps.

This kit can also be enjoyed by non-Christians.

Biblical stories referred to in the mystery

Abel was killed by Cain because Cain didn’t value God’s love. This story is covered in the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

The handwriting on the wall is mentioned in The Book of Daniel in the Bible. King Belshazzar and his guests didn’t know what it meant. Only Daniel could read the writing. It told that they would be punished because they were drinking from golden cups stolen from the temple.

“The burning bush” is mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. This is when God captured Moses’ attention by presenting him with a burning bush. It was then that God spoke to him.


Standard (murder mystery) for 8, 9 (5f4m), 10, 11 (6f5m), 12 and 13 to 16 guests guests ($29.95):


Really Fun

My youth group did this at our “Magic and Mystery” Lock-in last month. Everyone had a great time.

Four star review

Casandra Karl – 23rd Aug 2017 – imported from our previous shopping cart system.

Great fun

The flexibility of this package was perfect since my guest list kept changing. My guests all really got into their characters and had so much fun with this mystery.

Five star review

Judy – 24th Mar 2015 – imported from our previous shopping cart system.

Overview of the murder version

A large group is attending a Christian camp. The theme for the weekend is to find the truth. As the weekend progresses the participants find that they are not only on a search for their own personal truth, but also the truth in relation to a crime they didn’t think could ever happen – the murder of camp leader, Peter Stein.

Peter was a hard-working 56-year-old man who was said to look like “a stern garden gnome”. He was a Vietnam vet and retired Lt. Col. in the US Army. His favorite food was Haggen Daaz ice cream and he never turned down dessert. He had a wife who helped run the camp, two grown children and four grandchildren. He was a counselor for the police department. He had a Masters in counseling, although some people found his counseling style a bit dictatorial.

Excerpt from this Christian party game

Langley: “Some people have been giving Peter the cold shoulder on this camp. Actually it’s been more like a freezer, than just refrigerator type “coldness”.”


Reading level

Note: The reading levels of each kit (not just “page” as it says below) were determined by copying and pasting the kit (the play version), into The Readability Test Tool (see

The Search For The Truth reading details picture

Some of the characters

The people present are:

Detective Sam Cummings

A police officer. I knew Peter from the police station. But we weren’t friends.


Kevin Spicer

I’m mad about heavy metal music. I played piano for 11 years but now I prefer to play bass guitar. I received a scholarship recently to do computer science at university. I like chick flicks but never get to see them because I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m too embarrassed to go on my own. I hate Tim Allen movies. I was in a car wreck last year that totaled my friend’s car. I drive a big red Buick, work at sorting parcels, and still live with my mom.

Pamela Marras

I am so sweet – everybody says so. I have a beautiful laugh that is contagious, but too loud sometimes, people tell me. Guys are mad about me and I’m mad about Latin. I have played in the sea a little bit but I don’t know how to swim so I don’t go swimming. I wear contact lenses. I’ve vacationed out of the country to places like Trinidad and Bermuda. I’m vegetarian. I like karate movies and I hate people telling me what I should or shouldn’t do.

Kennie Rosie

I love any movies by Monty Python especially “The Search For The Holy Grail”). I’m a drummer and play the guitar pretty well too. I’ve written a few songs including “My Two String Guitar” which everybody knows and likes. I love basketball and work at a grocery store. I have a girl for a best friend (Kitty Raymond) and a girlfriend (Renata Beavis). I’m a great skateboarder and a pretty good snowboarder too. I can always make people laugh so I’m good fun to have around. My ambition is to be a radio broadcaster or an actor, because I can do great English and Australian accents.

Eleanor Hoskins

I am fluent in sign language as both my parents are deaf. I spent last Christmas on a cruise in the Bahamas. I wear braces and I can eat more than anyone else but I never put on weight. Everyone teases me about my appetite. They tell me I’m eating all their supplies but I don’t think they’re serious. My hair is red right now but I change the color every month or so. I’m mad about a guy named Tyler, but that might change next week. I’m a student and I work at a copy shop part time. I’ve taken 3 years of German but still struggle with it. I will be attending an elite art school in San Francisco next year. I like to wear clothes that show my flat tummy. At night I go to sleep cuddling my teddy bear.

Damien Hoskins

I’m Eleanor’s brother. I still live at home with my parents. Like my sister, I am also fluent in sign language. I love country music. I also went on the cruise with my parents. I have a dog and a cat (the cat is also deaf). I always wear a baseball cap, even to bed. The only time I don’t wear it is in the shower. I’m really fit because I walk about two miles every day and play football, basketball and do wrestling.

Renata Beavis

Some people think I’m a bit fanatical because I carry a toothbrush and mouth wash with me wherever I go. I make lists for everything, keeping track of every food group I eat during the day on a chart, which I keep in my purse. I always match my top with my socks. I’m an avid scrapbooker so I’m always taking photos. I’m Kennie’s girlfriend and I have a little white Maltese dog named Angelo, but they call him “Angel”, because he is one.

Kitty Raymond

I’m a gymnast. I no longer compete but I am still as limber as ever. If you notice my lisp, I would prefer you not to mention it. I always like to have something in my mouth to chew on. The guys don’t seem to like me very much. My socks never match. I think it’s a waste of time to worry about that. My parents are always off traveling somewhere. I’ve been to every state in the Union but Alaska and also traveled to Germany, Italy, England, and France. I don’t eat breakfast, and some people think I’m a bit ditzy. I wear contacts and when I spend the night somewhere without having my contact solution, I sleep with my contacts in my mouth. I swallowed them once.

Theresa MacGregor

I am a teenager and I’m in love with a 21 year old named John Mark Harrison and have been for at least a year (he used to go to our church but moved to Wisconsin). I’ve never been kissed by a boy and I like to mother everyone, even my own mother. I play the violin, am very ticklish and I’m very good at saving money. I have a purple and green bedroom; I’m great at foos ball, love the Green Bay Packers and talk very loudly when I’m excited. I love any movie from Saturday Night Live (eg “Wayne’s World” etc.) and simply adore the actor Heath Ledger from “The Patriot”. I love the ocean. In fact I love almost everything except my big feet!

Langley Weaver

I am a student. I play electric guitar (in a band with Kennie and Kevin), and am gaga over Donna Glover! I drive a black Cougar and I’m VERY protective of Donna. I’ll do anything she wants. I sing back up in the band and I have a little brother. Though I like heavy bands, I’m usually very mellow. I’ve just started working at a grocery store on weekends. It’s not much fun but it helps to pay my student fees.

Donna Glover

I’m a student and I’m gaga over my boyfriend Langley. I’m teaching myself how to play the piano and I work at a department store. I adore short shirts and hipsters but my parents won’t let me wear them. With my blonde hair everybody says I look like Brittney Spears. I know a lot about horses. I plan to be a vet and I don’t intend to have any kids. I prefer animals. I love anything that’s pink. My whole room is pink. I also sing in a choir. They tell me I have a lovely singing voice. I pretend to be ditzy (but I’m really not). Eleanor Hoskins is my best friend in the world.

Rose Willis (not in version for 12)

I’m a youth leader and I also work as a draftsperson for an architecture firm. I’m getting married this fall to Keld who I adore. I just started learning the guitar so we can sing songs at camp, but I’m not particularly good at it. I don’t like girls who giggle all the time and just chase boys. Some people say I’m spunky but that’s not important to me. What is important is honesty and staying close to people you love. I drive an old silver/gray Honda. I’m sort of a tomboy, with one niece and one nephew.

Keld Henderson

I work as a draftsman for an electrical firm. I’m getting married this fall to Rose, which is very exciting. I’m usually quiet except when in a competition of some sort. They say I’m very competitive. I love to ride jet skis. I really want one! I drive a little white truck and love anything that has to do with the “Indiana Jones”.

1 review for The Search For The Truth: Murder Standard Bundle for 8 to 16 guests

  1. Esther (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    We had fun when it came time to finally play. My one recommendation would be to make the players a bit more flexible for the smaller groups too. I had a couple of people that were fluctuating in and out of the count (between 11 – 13 players). I ended up having to print off 3 different versions before it was done because each change in count changed the dynamic of the character interactions and story line. The larger group had a few optional characters to make that easier and something like that would’ve been great for the 10+ group for late adds, etc.

    • Stephanie Chambers (store manager)

      Hi Esther – I am glad you enjoyed it, but sorry you had to do so much printing. I am gradually redoing all the kits so that they will be a flexible play for 8 suspects and with a number of optional witnesses / authorities. Thanks for the feedback. All the best, Stephanie

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