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The Case Of The Missing MatchmakerThe perfect game for Valentine’s Day or anytime!

Darlene Hickle, a matchmaker; has mysteriously disappeared.

Reading level: 8

The mystery with a romantic outcome for everyone!

The meet and mingle versions include a matching game. Not suitable for young teens.

Note: The murder version of this kit is optional.

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Overview of the mystery party game

Darlene Hickle has gone missing. The fact that she rarely listened to what anyone told her did nothing to improve her matchmaking business. Her success at mis-matching people reached its greatest height when her computer database crashed. Darlene saw no need to tell anyone of this. Instead she randomly matched couples based on a printout she had of their names and addresses.

And now – it has been discovered that she has mysteriously disappeared. She had her company insured and the insurance company has sent Eileen Evensong – a private eye – to investigate.


Sadie: “You can imagine how disappointed I felt when I discovered after we had been going out for a while that Gary shares his bath with ten rubber ducks and has the mental age of a two year old.”

What they've said about this mystery

Laura Thorp

“We enjoyed it! The night was a great success. Everyone really portrayed their personas well and got into the spirit of it. One guy arrived and was so in-character that we had a struggle to tell him that he was early and that no-one else was there yet as we were laughing so hard!”

Jayna Rone

"Yes! Everyone (even the naysayers) had a terrific time and we want to do it again in February. Thank you for supplying such good & safe fun!!"



The people present are:

Eileen Evensong – A private eye (not a suspect)

Although divorce snooping is my specialty, I have also been employed in a number of other cases involving missing persons. Because of my rather unusual career, I am still single. Men don’t like the idea that I might find out everything about them.

Benson Hickle – Brother of Darlene

With six university degrees, not under my belt (as I dropped out of all of them), I can’t get a job in any field of any significance and my life has not been very successful so far. I’m certainly not dumb. I just haven’t found my true direction yet.

Melinda Muscat – Trainee nun

I am marrying God and I’m wracked with pre-marital doubt. I’m worried I’ve got too many bad habits to wear this one.

Clarence Kane – A park-bench hobo

I used to collect trash. Now I sleep in it – that is when I’m not sleeping on a park bench in the middle of the city and earning my living from collecting cans. I’m fond of singing the blues. They suit my mood.

Suzie Bamberger – A psychologist – new wife of Steve

I’m a very good psychologist. I can calm down a stressed city worker faster than you can boil water. Counseling is my thing and I’m up on all the latest methods. I’m also mad about cats.

Steve Bamberger – A sports instructor – husband of Suzie

I’m a very good Sports Instructor. I teach young boys basketball, which is very healthy. I love children and in my spare time I help out at an orphanage.

Jasmine Reid – Music teacher – girlfriend of Shaun

Although I work in a conservative school teaching bored girls how to blow into recorders, at the weekends I play jazz rock violin in a band with Shaun and we’re hoping to release a CD later in the year. I also teach private students.

Shaun Goller – A music bookshop assistant – boyfriend of Jasmine

I can make my synthesizer wail like a whale and I also like singing with my band. I work at a specialist music bookshop. I’m classically trained.

Sadie Southport – A reporter for a local TV station – girlfriend of Gary

I’m a very ambitious local TV reporter. I’m constantly networking as I intend to have my own TV show and really do something good for the world. I love reading philosophy. I also enjoy playing the flute.

Gary Balana – A computer programmer – boyfriend of Sadie

My natural talent for numbers and programming landed me a well paid job as an IT computer programmer and my career is going well. But I’m not very socially adept, so I don’t have many friends, or to be honest any friends at all. I love watching sport on TV and taking very long baths.

Judi Wurtzel – Director of a baby equipment hire center – new wife of Ian

I run my own baby equipment hire business and I’m extremely conscious of my role in the community and on the power of word of mouth recommendations. I love making my place look homely. I also enjoy cooking.

Ian Wurtzel – Architect – new husband of Judi

I’m a well-respected architect – the best in town. I love classical music and relaxing in the fabulous hot tub I designed.

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