Girl Mystery Party Games

Murders or mysteries are fun for a girl party or a hen’s night or a batchelorette bash!

Girls version of the Balmy Bahamas cruise The Love Letter is another all girl kit and here is a photo of some girls using it. Girls playing who stole the cookies

We have a number of all girl mystery party games to choose from. Some like “One Of The Girls“, “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise“, “The Love Letter” and “The Chick Flick Murder” are murder mysteries and others like “Mystery In The Library“, “Who Stole The Cookies” and “The Hunt” are mysteries with no murder. Some of the kits for 8 to 16 girls or 17 to 30 girls. Our largest is “Who Stole The Cookies?” as it has a version for 48 females (and 2 males).

There murder mysteries with a period theme and those with modern themes.

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